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Siri Does D20 Random Rainbow Dragon!

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While I wait for the two paints I ordered to arrive, I green filled his gaps and I will get him primed in blue liner 


he also punched me in the mouth white his wing





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Linered up 


trying to decide where the colors will go.


main body will be Cloudy Grey of course, tempted to blend it with the purple along the spine, and have the wings go from a lightened grey to purple. Or go from grey to purple to red. Or grey to light purple to white 


maybe fade to red on the belly? Or red stripes and a lightened grey belly.


so many options


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3 minutes ago, Pezler the Polychromatic said:

Why are your dragons making out?:huh:


Kryphrixis and Stormwing have a thing....they have ever since i unboxed them from the KS shipment...



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Better keep them in check before we get Dragon eggs...


Wait.. eggs means more Dragons..


Give 'em some privacy!!!



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    • By TheOldGuard
      Hello all!
      I've just finished painting "Stormwing" from my Bones 3 collection - Yay!!
      My painting process of this mini can be found here in my ongoing Dragon/large monster WIP thread.
      Please feel free to comment & critique:










      Thanks for looking !
    • By midshipmaneasy
      Gday all,
      Fianlly got around to posting the completion pics of Stormwing for the Random Rainbow Dragon Challenge.
      Primary colour: Marine Teal. Secondary colour; True Blue. Tertiary colour: Imperial Purple.
      3 star level challenge.
      WIP thread is here;
      So I hope you enjoy the photos. Comments welcome.

    • By Guindyloo
      So I finished this guy up. I kinda abandoned my WIP for it because I had to put it on hold for a long while and then when I returned to it I realized that I was approaching it all wrong for the sculpt. This sculpt really suits drybrushing rather than layering, so that’s how I attacked it instead. That’s not my preferred method of painting, but sometimes you have to give up your preferences and go with what works instead. 
      My rolled colours were:
      Main Colour: True Blue (I subbed in Dragon Blue)
      Second Colour: Brilliant Green
      Third Colour: Marine Teal
      I did the 3 Star Challenge, so the only other colours I used were Pure White and Pure Black. 
      I was just messing around with the base....I probably could’ve made a more serious attempt at painting marble, but I honestly just wanted to get it done and move on to the next thing. 
      I hope y’all like it anyway!

    • By midshipmaneasy
      Yeah I am doing it again. Kinda mad I know. This time I chose Stormwing to do as I have done Ebonwrath, my wife is planning to do Deathsleet and my daughter is planning Kryphrixis. So the rolls....

      Marine Teal.

      True blue.

      Imperial purple.
      Kinda boring really. Oh well. Here we go.
      Assembled. Needs se filling around the wing roots. Will need to think about the base. Really boring.
    • By Gadgetman!
      Since I now have all the colours I need for this challenge, and Stormwing was suitable prepped, I didn't really have any excuse any more. 

      My dice rolls, as mentioned earlier was:
      Heather Blue,
      Violet Red,
      Blush Pink.
      And since I have no idea of how to make those colours work together, I've decided that I might just as well go whole hog and do a 3Star challenge. 
      So no shades or highlight colours. Just Pure White and Pure Black to help out with. 

      I'm also adding Grey Liner, as a Primer only.  

      Stormwing and base has been Lined. Not all that even, but then again, it shouldn't be visible later since it's there as a Primer only. 
      The mess in my pallette was me trying to find a way to blend the colours. 
      Nope, didn't really find anything, so no blending. 
      It may look as if there's some blue on Stormwing, but that's just the camera being fooled by the lighting. 
      (Vilet Red is to the left of 'six o clock' and Blue is to the right. Blush Pink is in the center.)
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