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Bones WereBear

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I've tried to take the advice from my previous posts and apply them to this one.  As always C&C welcome.


Rather liked how this one turned out in the end for the most part.  I realize bears don't have human eyes but I thought since this was a "were" then it should still have more human eyes.  However I used Linen White, but against the dark fur it seems too bright.





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Thanks! There was a couple of areas where I can see I got a little sloppy picking out some highlights but overall am pretty happy with him.  it's funny, before I started the details (necklace and other small fiddlybits) I was pretty disappointed in how he turned out.  slept on it a day or two, then looked at him again and was suddenly satisfied.  he ended up being a lot of fun.

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Looks good!  I love the Werebear!


He appears a little shiny, which maybe just from your camera and he may not look like that in person.  What I do when painting fur is to paint the base coat then add color and depth with several washes which can make the figure look shiny.  To combat this is once the washes dry I do 2-3 layers of dry brushing.  I'm normally not a big proponent of dry brushing but with fur it helps give some nice transitions and the chalkiness that occurs from dry brushing actually gives the fur a natural look and reduces the shine.  



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I haven't sealed him yet and there were a good number of washes.  Just noticed the shinyness myself honestly.  I don't see it on the model itself.


What colors (generic such as browns or blacks) do you or would you dry brush?  I'd like to see some more shading as it looks nothing like the grizzly pictures I was aiming for. 

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I think he looks fine.  Fur is never a uniform shade anyways.  I think if you put a mat sealer/varnish on him to take the shinyness away he will be just fine.  I think you did a good job just the way it is.

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