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03000: Kyra & Lavarath

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Here's my take on Kyra and Lavarath. It's been pointed out to me that the base needs some higher highlights on the grass and would probably improve with some actual flocking. Overall though, I'm pretty happy, particularly with how the red armor turned out. It's Rach Red and Honed Steel mixed together. 


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Currently working on mine.  Do you find that it has some issues balancing?  I've noticed it on mine and but it on a 1/8" thick by 3/1/2" diameter wood disk and it balances nice now.  I think i'll just add some grass flock or paint the wood base black and it will disappear from the rest of the model. 


Personally I am not a fan of the sculpt in person and I am finding it needs allot of prep work.  I think they tried to do too much considering the limitations of the bones materiel.  Glad yours is working out for you though!


Maybe just try to dry brush a lighter shade of green on your grass and you probably won't even need to add some grass flock to yours.  You do have a nice Pink dragon....never seen that color picked before.  Which I hope was the effect that you where going for! lol.

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Mine balances pretty well. The base is very large and there was a bit of tension in the legs when put onto the pegs. I don't currently think I"ll need to add weight to the bottom of the base. Dry brushing some lighter green will definitely be the first thing I try to spruce up the base. I did drybrush over with a lighter green before this picture, but I think it was too close a shade to the first coat and doesn't provide the contrast needed. Something brighter will have a better result.  


I know what you mean about it needing some work. I admit to being lazy and not trimming flash or filling gaps like I should and if you look closely with it in hand, you can definitely tell. But I do like the dynamism of the sculpt, and I had fun with it, so I'm calling it a win. 

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I've done this one in metal and it requires a fair amount of work, especially with gap filling and it looks like the Bones version isn't much different in that regard.  It looks like you've got the shadow part down, I would work on more highlighting with your next figure.  Good job and keep at it!

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Yeah I had to put a lot of quick dry clay around the mount.  I know most people use "green stuff" but I have found quickdry clay is working for me.  Plus I can't stand the smell of the stuff when it gets on your hands.  Anyway I got pissed off at it one point and forgot about the tail and now I am far enough into it that its now part of the model...ugh.  I did end up timing the plastic though.  Once I primed it I couldn't take it and removed most of the flash that was everywhere.  

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