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Paint Comparison

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Hello all,

     This is not about the quality of paint but for a color comparison.  

I was recently asked to do a paint job by a friend. He supplied the paint; Citadel just awful to use. 

Has anyone done a color comparison to match up approximate equivalents between a Citadel paint and Reaper paint. I can only get Reaper paints online now; and comparing the display colors in the store has not worked out that well for me.




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There's a comparison color shared sheet out there. Not sure which colors you are looking to match up, but took a guess at this tab.




The other tabs sort the columns in different orders. Gets you close to the same colors, at least.

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Dakkadakka did one I believe that compares Citadel, RMS, Vallejo, and maybe Army Painter?

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      I'll apologize right now if this isn't in the best place for it.

      I am a painting virgin, having only flirted with craft paint and plastic army men; but I think I'm ready for the big one. I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Bones 2 Kickstarter, and I want to have the widest variety of colors to cover the most situations. I am purchasing the Bones LtPK durring this glorious promotion that Reaper is doing, and I will have the first MSP HD paint add-on from the KS. Given the paint that comes in each, what colors/items am I missing that would help me have the widest range of colors for the best price? (I only need an item or two to get up to the $40 threshold to qualify for the Ghoulie bag).
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      9054- Polished Silver
      9085- Shadowed Stone
      9200- Harvest Brown
      9228- Viper Green
      9271- Dirty Bone
      29801- Crimson Red
      29806- Fireball Orange
      29809- Pale Saffron x2
      29811- Turf Green
      29815- Dragon Blue x2
      29820- Gem Purple
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      I look forward to reading your wisdom!

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