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This is looking great so far!  Those colors really go well together!

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Mint coloured butterfly dragon?! Not sure where this is going but can't wait to see the end result.

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Mixed the Violet Red with a little Black and outlined the Butterfly Eyes...







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Purity White, needs more coats ...







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29 minutes ago, vegascat said:

I'm loving the glorious eye spots~!



They do need more white.

More later...

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Inspired by real butterfly.

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I assumed, I was just kidding. :bday:

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1 hour ago, vegascat said:

I assumed, I was just kidding. :bday:


I knew that :blues:



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    • By Cyradis
      Congratulations, you have found the thread for posting your completed Random Rainbow Dragon!! The original quest can be seen here: 
      Please provide a link to your Show Off Thread (which should include the model # you chose in its tags), a link to the Work in Progress thread, a brief statement of what colors you rolled, a statement of what dragon you painted (for search purposes), and photos of your lovely dragon. 
      The Mods may make grumpy faces and remove chatter-posts from this thread. For chatter, please go to the original quest thread. 
      You receive +5000 experience, +3 to skill Crafting (Mini Painting), and over 9000 Internet Points (redeemable whenever, wherever, for bragging rights on the internet) for completing this quest. 
      Thank you for your participation. May our flock of dragons fly together forever in the pixels of this thread! 
    • By Ulfheathen
      I decided to join in on the fun. I selected Ebonwrath as my dragon. then rolled my colors.

      Pure Black, Cloudy Grey, Pure White
      Well interesting but not very colorful. I will go with it but having never painted anything a monotone grey-scale any suggestions or advice.
      I'm going to need something to switch off with to prevent eye strain. So back to the boxes of bone to find another dragon. Kryphrixis is the first one I find so he'll be my second dragon. Roll for colors gets me.

      Marine Teal, Clotted Red, Violet Red

      That's better and should make for a good looking dragon. Don't have any of those paint colors Yay an excuse to place an order for more paint. While I wait for a few days for my order to arrive i can prepare both dragons and get started on Ebonwrath.
      Both dragons will be painted as a 3*** challenge.
    • By Sirithiliel
      I had these 3 just laying aroudn and decided to go ahead and finish them 

      Two are base coated, one is greenstuffed.

      Kyhprhixis: Going to be a white dragon, basecoated in blue and white
      Ebonwrath: Going to be a black dragon, basecoated in black
      Diabolus: Going to be a green dragon, i filled gaps and hacked off an arm and rotated it, becuase i disliked how its arm was positioned

    • By Paradoxical Mouse
      So, Ebonwrath is the first dragon I'll be painting. Lucky for me, I actually had good dice rolls. 

      Orange Brown, Lava Orange, and Violet Red. I had to order the paints. To practice with my colors mixing (and since I got a nice set) I'm going to be trying the 3*** star challenge.
      This challenge is now awaiting the arrival of my paints and dragon.
    • By Maledrakh
      Yup, what is says. Challenge accepted!
      First comes the Dragon, then come the Timestamp.

      Then the Dice Rolls of Destiny to decide on colours:

      Cloudy Gray, Earth Brown and Violet Red. Not bad at all. That could have gone so much more ...shall we say garish?. 
      well anyway, as I don't have very many Reaper paints (not available in any store, not to mention continent) near me, I will make do with as similar as I can get from my other paints:

      and I see my cloudy grey is backwards so you can't see the name on the lable in this here is the other shot:

      Vallejo Tierra / Earth should be a good match for Earth Brown according to the paint range colour comparison spreadsheet.
      Red Violet? The spreadsheet did not really help that much as I don't really have that many of the other ranges there either. I mostly have Army Painter and a lot of older (15 years +) citadel, gamecraft and other such randomness.
      I hope the Citadel Fire Dragon Crimson (from the earliest round pots with flip top caps -I poured all my old paints in to dropper bottles a couple years ago.) is close enough. Seems like it should be ok based on the colour in the spreadsheet. It is a reddish violet any ways. And really old. Hope it still is useable or else I will have to mix something up.
      And of course, Ebonwrath was undercoated black ages ago, as I undercoated everything black in those days.
      As pure black is one of the permitted colours, and the black will for the most part be painted over, I think that should be OK.
      So the challenge is to paint Ebonwrath with ONLY these three colours, with black and white permitted for mixing. no other colours, no inks or quickshades. This should be different...
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