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Quest Accepted: Platypus brushes the Random Rainbow Dragon

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Hello everybody! The last WIP I attempted is on hiatus due to um...losing the figure while packing away things to clean the carpet. :wacko:


Dragon selected: Krupixis (spelling)

Challenge level: * * *



Primary: Palomino Gold

Secondary: Olive Green
Tertiary: Blush Pink

Extras: Pure White and Pure Black




"Let's rock this joint!"


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I'm at a hiatus. He's not in the box I thought he was in and I have 0 of the 3 colors. I have the day off but I cannot access my car to go to the flgs. 

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Excellent. My paints have arrived. Behold! The colors of my dragon! Sample paint thrown in for fun. Yussss! Second sample paint ever.


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Congratulations on the sample! Did you run out of a similar color recently? I have found that every time I run out of something, my next order gets a sample paint of very similar shade to what I need. It's like Reaper employs at least one psychic ninja...

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Not I. I just didn't have these colors for the paint challenge. And wanted to round out the rest of the Bones line. From what I can tell, it's brown. XD

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I haven't painted a figure of this size before nor a figure with many parts. Any advise on the following?


1) Liquitex flexible modeling paste, does anyone have experience using this as a gap filler?

2) If I gap fill, do I still need to super glue and/or pin?




Note to others, wash models in an area (or in a bowl) so body parts will not fall down the drain. I almost lost Kryptic's arm...

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      Sorry, camera lighting is not good.  He is not so muddy looking in person. 
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