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I hate escort missions! ReaperCon diorama

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2 minutes ago, Guildenstern said:

looks like an awesome idea! And I also hate hate escort missions! lol

Who doesn't??

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Okay, so 2 weeks ago, this is what the dragonborn sorceress looked like:



And this is tonight's progress: 









Not sure how effectively I'm pulling off the OSL effect, but I'm liking how she's looking. 


Comments & Criticism more than welcome!!

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OSL placement looks nice, I think. The fire of the torch should probably brighten a few notches, though...it's of pretty similar value to her tunic right now, which will ultimately hurt the OSL. Remember the light source needs to be the brightest thing around, so it should probably have some white, or close to it.


The shadows on her lower half look great, I love it!

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As always, C&C highly welcome!!


Baring any major issues, I'm gonna set her aside and focus on the bard (the other character with a torch) next.

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