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    • By Guildenstern
      So I finally got my Gorkanaut on his base, though not the base I wanted. I tried several times to build a grot sandcastle but it just wasn't happening so rather than keep failing I decided to let it go for now and just finish him off as is.

    • By Guildenstern
      I finished my trukks finally! Just took some shots outside, to see how the lighting varied. I have a few bits I have to stick back on... ork stuff is truly ramshackle >< haha but otherwise, they're done =D Waiting another 24 hrs to see how the varnish did, and if I need to revarnish them (really important since I tend to do a lot of weathering and these will get handled a lot)








    • By Guildenstern
      Took some pics of my finished warbiker conversion (this is based on a deffkopta, basically a little helicopter) - WIP pics are in my wip thread.
      I tried several new things, mostly water effects in a more cinematic style. Tried to make the water look like it was spraying or kicked up by the bike wheels. Also did some droplet effects. Overall it's ok, not quite what I was hoping for but next time will be even better I'm sure.


    • By redambrosia
      I've had Koshrel done for a week now, he made his grand debut at last week's D&D session, and I even posted him on my dA account, but I've been busy, tired, and lazy, so I hadn't gotten around to editing my pictures for these forums. Until tonight. When I have two more family members.
      First, our patriarch, Koshrel "Darkflame" SkaRae. He's 03316 Kar'Drakir of the reptus, with wings added. I also gave him Frulla's axe changed up his sword a bit. There's stuff I'm not entirely happy with, but he looks good on the table, and my husband thinks he's awesome, so it'll do 
      Hope you like him.



    • By OneBoot
      I painted up two Sirs Forscale for ReaperBryan's competition: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/69934-sir-forscale-painting-competition/
      The first one was Sir Forscale the Shiny, Captain of the Papal Guard!
      (the official colors of the Papal Guard are dark green and gold, as per SpacePope Bryan)





      WIP here: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/70343-sir-forscale-the-shiny-wip/
      I had some fun messing around with all of the camera settings on my phone, and figured out how to set the focus manually. The result is that the pictures came out sharper than I've ever managed before! The downside, though, is that every tiny flaw is magnified; the metallic paint does NOT look that rough in person, lol.
      Also, the gloss sealer I put on the shield is hiding the lovely blending I did on it. Ah well. It's visible in my WIP thread at least.
      --OneBoot :D
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