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Ral Partha 3 stage Cleric (High Level)

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This is an old Ral Partha 3 stage character; high level Cleric. I've got both the low level, and mid level ones around here somewhere; I need to dig them out and paint them, too.


My usual tabletop paint job, I hope you like it.







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He's got the blues!


Oh my.. Can't seem to resist the puns today.. Anyhow, great mini, great painting.. I seem to remember playing with a very similar model a friend used to own.. He had painted it white, or maybe it was pre-painted I can not remember.. It was somewhat 25ish years ago.. 

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16 hours ago, Darcstaar said:

Was this guy also in the old Dungeon! Set?


Nice color scheme.

Thank you!


And yes, he was; Alchemist beat me to the picture.


11 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

He looks rather grimm.

Not a forgiving fellow is he?


Nice Blue.

Forgiveness can be discussed with his morning star.::D:

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When I picked up the three pack I decided that was one of those miniatures I didn't want to paint. Our Cleric immediately fell in love with the mini. It was surprisingly nice to paint.

AND yours painted up SPLENDIDLY. I hope you enjoyed the process as much as I. VERY NICELY DONE!

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Thank you very much!


He was quite fun to paint, and very easy, too. I was kind of shocked how quickly it went.

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