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Ral Partha 3 stage Cleric (High Level)

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He's got the blues!


Oh my.. Can't seem to resist the puns today.. Anyhow, great mini, great painting.. I seem to remember playing with a very similar model a friend used to own.. He had painted it white, or maybe it was pre-painted I can not remember.. It was somewhat 25ish years ago.. 

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16 hours ago, Darcstaar said:

Was this guy also in the old Dungeon! Set?


Nice color scheme.

Thank you!


And yes, he was; Alchemist beat me to the picture.


11 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

He looks rather grimm.

Not a forgiving fellow is he?


Nice Blue.

Forgiveness can be discussed with his morning star.::D:

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When I picked up the three pack I decided that was one of those miniatures I didn't want to paint. Our Cleric immediately fell in love with the mini. It was surprisingly nice to paint.

AND yours painted up SPLENDIDLY. I hope you enjoyed the process as much as I. VERY NICELY DONE!

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Thank you very much!


He was quite fun to paint, and very easy, too. I was kind of shocked how quickly it went.

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    • By Fire_Eyes
      Painted mainly just by drybrushing. The sculpt screamed grizzly bear, so I tried to emulate those colors.

      I think this is my quickest figure yet, and one of my favorites. Any advice and critiques are appreciated!
    • By buglips*the*goblin
      So as everybody knows, in 2017 I attended my first ReaperCon ever.  There I got to meet many wonderful people in real life, and I have to say it was probably the finest group of human beings I've ever spent time with.  We picked a table at random, and so wound up with some random people sharing our table as people came to the con.  @pcktlnt was one of them, and even though everybody here already knows he's pretty great I want to tell you that face-to-face he's even better.  Pcktlnt is a genuine top-tier human being, even among such a great crowd of people.
      Before ReaperCon, being aware of the melt table there, I declared it my intention to raid it and Save The Parthas from doom.  Since I could not monitor the melt table the whole time (even though I tried), I put the word out.  I didn't care who wound up with them, I wasn't trying to get them for myself, I just wanted to save them from being melted into oblivion.  Save The Parthas! was the cry. 
      Now, to be 100% frank, my actual objective was to save the precious and rare TSR-era Parthas above all else.  But, since asking people to scan the table for minis made in this specific 8-year span with these specific features and check the bases seemed like rather a lot to ask, Save The Parthas was shorter, sweeter, and simpler.  And Save The Parthas they did!
      At one point, I forget which day, pcktlnt came by the table and delivered an old 1982 Partha giant lady.  At some point in the past she had been painted with green skin and yellow fur.  While a touch older than what I usually collect, I graciously accepted the free mini and said I would paint it up.  I have, and here she is:


      For the age, she's not a terrible mini.  She turned out, in fact, to be a very early Julie Guthrie.  This particular specimen, being from the 80s and made of soft lead, did have some wear and tear.  So I worked with what I could, and I'm happy to add her to the shelf.
      But the story doesn't end there!  When I looked her up to identify her, I discovered she was Version 1 of the female giant from All Things Dark And Dangerous.  I was familiar with Version 2, but had never seen this one.  So I found some scanes of Partha catalogs older than my physical copies (which only go back to 1993) and she appeared in 1983 (stamped 1982 on the base) and was replaced in 1985 by version 2. 
      Which means, technically, she's actually MORE RARE than many of the TSR minis! 
      I don't know who brought it, but if you're here I'd be interested to know how you came by this figure.  She's been painted, probably a long time ago, and has seen some action.  She's got some history, and it didn't end just yet.  Sometime in the 80s somebody saw her in a blister and said:  "that's nice, I'll buy that" and now she's here, probably in a different country.  What happened in all that time?  How many players did she smush? 
      I have no way to know, but now she's mine and I've grown fond of her.  I love her just as much as any other mini - whether Takhisis or Factol Rhys. 
      So a special thank you to @pcktlnt for your tireless stalking of the melt table, and for giving me the chance to own a little piece of odd history and give a miniature a good home.
      As an aside, if anybody wants a good melt table story, ask @Dr.Bedlam about The Joker With One Foot.  It's a legendary tale, told best by him.  (I saw the Joker with my own eyes before he told me).
    • By Fire_Eyes
      My first figure of the year, and also my first speedpaint (AKA I tried not to get perfectionist over every detail)

      I followed the kit's instructions on the cloak, then did my own thing on the rest, which accidentally wound up being pretty similar to most of the other ltpk Anirions I've seen.

      This wasn't my favorite sculpt, and the mold lines were terrible, especially on her hand, but I was able to practice and learn a lot by painting her. Any critiques and advice for future figures are welcome and appreciated!
    • By Paradoxical Mouse
      So, since the RPChallenge Requests a Show-Off, here's my first point for this year! I'm really proud of her!
      I'm not sure which of the starting survivors she is, but...

      Better Pictures (edit):

      Critique would be appreciated. I will admit, I used too light a skin color for the OSL to look right over, and it is toned down enough that you can't really tell in person. I wanted to give the lantern a soft glow, rather than a bright one, to capture the hopelessness that is Kingdom Death.
    • By Chaoswolf
      Ok, this isn't a New year's resolution ( I don't make those), but I have decided that I need to get over the "I'm not good enough" thing and try to push myself to paint all those figures that I've been saving for 'some day'.
      That day is NOW.
      I grabbed this figure during a Black Friday sale for something like 4 or 5 bucks. Depending on where you get it from, it's usually more like 30. It's 28mm scale, but it stands pretty tall; I'm guessing it's 54mm tall or thereabouts. I'll get a proper picture with Sir Forscale a little bit later on.
      I'd like you to help push me to do my absolute best with this guy, please. If you think something looks good, cool, tell me that. By the same token, if you think something doesn't look good, tell me that, too. I want you guys to 'break out the red pen' as Cyradis would say.
      For reference, this is the figure I'm talking about (picture from the WWW, not my figure).

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