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Lord of the Dish Pit

80044 Flying Saucer

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In 2007 I began doing gig posters for The House Café in DeKalb IL. Most of these involved the antics of a group of Greys who had a running feud with a mad scientist. Instead of the usual ideas concerning aliens, that they're either here to bring us to either enlightenment or destruction, I went with the idea that they were instead intergalactic juvenile delinquents who were basically greasers in space. So for several years I was thinking about doing 3d figures of them, and eventually found Reaper's saucer. Unfortunately I didn't realize for a couple weeks after buying it at the FLGS that the grey's head was missing, and once I did I put it aside with the rest of my "eventually will get done" projects.

So last week I realized that some dollhouse sized easter eggs would work well as a grey head, and I revived the project. I ended up having one of the greys donate his head to the saucer as the egg would not fit under the canopy, and feeling slightly guilty about this I attached the egg to the donor, discovering that he now looked very close to my drawings.HSaucer1.JPG.b210a2239ccfb8950ed74c4d5e4cf5da.JPG


This was my first time painting flames, and it didn't quite come out as I expected. But I thought about it more and the paint jobs on early hot rods weren't usually professional looking either, so I decided to run with it. The Big Daddy Roth style engine was from a Hot Wheels Golf Cart. (which will be intergrated into my redneck warband at some point.)


For the pictures I had to place it on an unglued Reaper flight stand, as the one it was glued to snapped under the uneven weight. After I move I'll see about tracking down a more durable one that hopefully will have it sit higher off the table.


And a pic of "Lil Prober", the brave head donor. Eventually I've have to mold a leather jacket for him.


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Great conversions here.. The head donor seems to be happy about the whole ordeal. Thus, you seem to have made an omelette without breaking eggs.. If you"ll excuse the pun..  

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