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Massive Darkness Agents

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I really like what you did on the swords/daggers. Your placement of highlights/shadows reads really well. I believe I'll have to replicate that in my future endeavors. Top notch!

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Nice.  I have to get around to start painting this but....so many bones to get done....nevermind I still have to paint a broccoli load of Black Plague.

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Well, I like the game a lot, so I figured I may as well start painting it up.


Been a while since I've painted minis, and I had a few days off and just kinda got sucked into it. Mostly quick tabletop stuff here, though it took me longer than it should've because I was struggling to remember how to paint! Consistencies were all over the place, and when it came time to do the NMM, I drew a blank. I remembered some of the tricks, and spent a little extra time blending the blades (which turned out pretty decent for TT if I do say so).


Glad you guys like them, pretty primitive but it was fun and I really would like to get the set painted up at some point!


Additional color notes: neutral grey triad for steel, gold nmm triad for the gold. My first time using the nmm triad, and for a real paintjob I'd definitely go above and below it, but that's the case for every triad. For a quick n dirty, it's a great triad!

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Those will look great on the TT.  I've been holding back on playing for fear that it will distract my from finishing my BP monk's.  It's nice to see the NMM gold triad in use.  I've yet to try mine out.  Seeing these means I'm going to have to break out the triad to give it a try.

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Oh my gosh, these are fun!


I love how you've taken the things you've learned in art class and applied them here.  I think I can see the influences in your color choices and blending and lights and darks.


The metal effects are pretty dang good.  I had to look hard at some of those swords to make sure their effects were painted on.

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These look fantastic Cash! I adore the colour schemes, this just inspires me to slap some more paint on my MD miniatures.

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      While not really themed, all these minis were left over from my other projects.  I think they'll all find a home in "Tesrora, the City That Can't Be Tamed", the fantasy ganglands campaign I'm working on for this year.

      Ametrine Earthlyte, Dwarf Alchemist.  A recent Reaper 25th Anniversary miniature.

      A rude Dwarf Thug.  I started on him to go with RPE's "Dwarf Veterans Warband" as a thug.

      Converted from the Avatars of War Berserkers, Mantic Dwarf Bear-thing riders, and an old Mordheim club.

      I realize I couldn't directly post most of the shots of the Orc Matron per forum rules, so linked to my FB shots instead.

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      Who doesn't love Halflings in Mittens?

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      I haven't posted much lately.
      Work and life have been busy.
      We have been playing Reign of Winter.
      The GM told me there would be some Snow Goblins.
      I thought these Bones Gremlins look a lot like Pathfinder Goblins, so I gave them a wintry paint scheme and some snowy bases.
      C&C Welcome

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      Painted this guy up to act as our dwarven barbarian for some Adventurers League gaming at an upcoming con.
      Messing around with skin tones. I may go back and add some tattoos before I finish coating him with varnish (he's got one coat of gloss right now). Am not sure what to put on him, other than maybe the rune for anger.

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