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Minotaur from the Stoneskull Expansion

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Great job on the tiny details with that gold!  I like the red skin/fur too, great stuff all round.



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On 9/14/2017 at 5:10 PM, Rogue1138 said:

I love the gold on this guy. Is the Dwarven Gold a metallic paint?


Yes.  It's a darker gold so it doesn't suffer from the flow problems that some of the light Reaper metailics seem to have (from my experience).  Drawven gold and their steel color paints are some of my favorite metailcs...after citadel lead belcher.  Nothing is as good as Citadel lead belcher for doing armor IMO.  Add a light silver dry brush to it after a light wash.  Simple and it always turns out great for me.  Anyway back to Dwarven gold its just as good as the Army painter cooper that I like to use so much as a detail color on armor.



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