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Masterbox Worlds of Fantasy #2

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Starting on my second project. Masterbox's World of Fantasy. Box states 1/24. Injection molded plastic.

Didn't like the Footrests, so added my own.

Added a cushion for her to sit on.

Added some rings in his horns for adding reins later. Is now ready for primer




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I have seen the boxart before, always wondered how these looked like for real.

Nice to see one getting painted.


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9 hours ago, lowlylowlycook said:

That's an interesting sitting position.  Does she get lifted up to get a better view of her targets?

I'm with you, the feasibility of this stuff stretches the imagination a bit:lol:. My first thought is where the heck does she put that huge rifle when not in use?

There is another kit in this series that has the lady lounging on her back on the lizard......go figure. 

Either way, at $15 it was a cheap way of taking a shot at painting something bigger. In the end, it should be interesting to look at I suppose!

Have the base color down and the lady in primer. Will post a few pics when home from work tonight. 

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isnt that position make it difficulties on traveling full speed? ::D:. it looks really cool and the rings make it looks cooler.

 im jelous  i would like to paint it ::P:

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Quick snaps from the bench showing the "mount" with the base colors on. Saddle and straps still to be painted, washes, highlights etc to come




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Nice beastie!


Reminds me of Zuul from the Ghostbusters

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the saddlebag looks like an old black satchel I once owned.  So I would say you succeeded in making it look like black leather.

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