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HMS Hermione (now finished!)

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The upper deck assembly did not want to fit in the slots. It was a super tight fit. The front rail broke getting off of the sprue, but I applied to much pressure. And one of the peg holes in the main deck was not cut all the way through, and I had to saw it out... 


other than that the assembly was not hard just time consuming. Lots of little parts. The masts were the hardest part on the small ship I assembled so not really looking forward to mast/sail assembly. 

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Always happy to see not ships enter the fray!  Nice work the ship looks really good and well done.  I especially like the deck dressing.  It the part I always have the most problems with!

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14 minutes ago, Chaoswolf said:



What scale is she?

She is designed for 28mm miniatures. So 1/56?


its about 33" long. So the reaper bones barge will be about half as long. 

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Finished! Well cannons still need to be painted but with work tomorrow this is finished for now.


i don't have a sir forscale so Captain Barnabus came to show scale. This is not his ship though. He's just visiting


as I feared the sail/mast construction was a chore. But I am well satisfied now that it is done. 














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AWESOME. Congrats on this one Smokestack. It turned out really nice. 


Boy those may be a pain in the butt to store when they are all assembled though.

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Absolutely great!  So when are you going to try a real one, with full rigging and all.  Keeps you busy for years...


Seeiously,  great job, it looks terrific!  I also like the long boats they come out very well too.

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    • By Nightwing
      This is the Sea Ghost from AD&D module U1: the sinister secret of saltmarsh. It will hopefully be used in my group's upcoming D&D pirates campaign set in 1600's Jamaica. 
      Its layers will be separable, with each surface being a sort of game board for each deck of the ship, from forecastle/poop, to main deck, to cargo deck, to bilge. I'm going to try to pin the layers together so they don't just fall apart by using the mast and rudder to keep the layers aligned when they are stacked. 
      It is made of 3/4" polystyrene insulation sheets, cut, stacked, and sanded down with a belt sander. In the end it will have paint and probably balsa wood details. 
      That's the Barnabas Frost mini that I posted in the show-off forum standing on the deck in a few of the photos. 

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      Ever since I started working on my Frostgrave waterfront last year, I have thought that the Reaper "Dark Maiden" figure would make a cool addition to my Frostgrave figure collection; taking the roll of either a dockside Construct, or even a Wraith or Demon.  I was lucky enough to pick one up in a Box of Goodwill a while back, and it's been lingering on my painting table until I built up the courage to tackle it.  I finally decided with the River scenario from the Frostgrave Thaw of the Lich Lord  supplement on our schedule for next month, that it was time to build up my courage and tackle this beautiful figure.
      In mulling over paint schemes, I decided that I wanted to do something like the grayish-brown of the masthead shown on the shipwreck of the Charlotte during the opening scenes of the movie "National Treasure."

           This seemed simple enough, just some brown and grey drybrushing over a dark base.  The hard part was going to be that I wanted to make it look possessed, with glowing eyes and glowing swords; and Object Source Lighting (OSL) still is not a strong technique for me.   In the end I'm really happy with how it turned out.   While I wish it had turned out a little more aged grey, and less brown; I still think it looks properly demonic. :)




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      Got this in and couldn't stop painting last night...3AM...ugh! Goinf to be lots of fun! Ship is by ESLO and I got it off ebay.

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      These are from the Boat Pack, part of the Renaissance Miniatures East Asian line.  I made them up for my husband's birthday.
      On the whole they went together fairly straighforwardly.  I found the cabin support hoops on the larger boat (they call it a "twakow" but "tongkang" may be a more common term -- I just think of it as a riverboat with a sail) needed a little shaving to fit into the openings on the deck.  The planks that go over the hoops, making the shelter, were a little fiddly on both the sampan and the larger river boat.  I ended up leaving off the top central plank on the sampan.
      I include the Reaper Sea Lion and a Dark Sword mermaid warrior figure for scale.
      These are the outrigger canoes, one with a sail:


      This is the larger, sailed riverboat and the sampan:



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      Do people know of lines of very small (two or three inches, max) model ships and boats for tabletop combat? Or have favorites?
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      We can, of course, use Star Trek Battles and X-Wing ships. Or dice, for that matter.
      But actual little ships would be fun.
      They don't have to be perfectly historic; fantasy or steampunk ships are okay too.
      Bonus points to anyone who knows where I can find a little paddlewheel steamship.
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