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03767: Nemesra as "Jezebel"

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You never cease to amaze me.  Wow.


I might pick your brain soon about doing subtle patterns on fabric as I'll be doing that myself in the next few weeks.


As for age, just give it a few years.  Without my glasses my minis are now little blurry blobs.  It sucks, having had 20:20 for my whole life it's been an adjustment.

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Who would have guessed that Jezebel was in reality our own Sophie?

Be that as it may, The Girl & her reflection are LOVELY. Your creation is a BEAUTIFULLY painted & based treasure. WONDERFULLY WELL DONE!

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Really gorgeous work as always! 

It's a really thoughtful piece and makes me wonder if the reflection is us seeing her true self or instead how she sees herself....which when you think about it, may be her true self either way. 

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    • By Cyradis
      I finished Mr. Decker, and he's doing swell! 
      Goals with him: Pinstripe pants. Patterned tie. Two-hue hat band. Stubble. In these regards, I think he's a success! I also experimented with different shading methods on the coat and the shirt. I think the shirt kinda came out textured, and that's okay. Only the base, coat, and hat have been sealed (adds a slightly satiny finish that I didn't want on the rest). This is also the first figure I've used a stamp for - in the future I'll be making the greenstuff stamped area thinner. This isn't quite horizontal. He'd be an excellent piece for a diorama, but he's going to a friend in Minnesota instead. Perhaps I'll paint him again in the future for one. 
      Story for his belt: that's his homicide detective belt. When the belt matches the hat, there's been some bad broccoli around that needs his inspection. Actual reason: I wanted more contrast areas and liked it. 
      Story thus far by @Glitterwolf and @SisterMaryNapalm in the WIP below: 
      Without further ado.... here he is. C&C always welcome! 

    • By Corporea
      Sigh.  I really have to get cracking on some figures.  I like this one.  Lots of skin to play with and fabric I can turn sheer! I'll probably add some free hand to the cloth as well.  But for now, we begin!

      My first plan is to figure out what color scheme I want. I'm a fan of complementary colors because they're an easy way to get contrast.  So since I want to do her with bronzed skin which lives in the orange family.  The complement or orange is blue.  So.  Blue cloth.  Hooray! Problem solved.

      I think I also used walnut brown and some pure white.  The deep twilight isn't quite that dark.  It's more of a soft purple.  The color swatches never look quite right to me.  I'm going to glaze some pumpkin orange into the skin when I'm done.

      Basecoated somewhat.  I like the pale blue.

      Some more shading done.  Trying to figure out the buttocks for the sheer cloth in the back.  I think I need a thigh on our right to show through. I like putting skin down first in the sheer areas, then glazing the cloth over it to soften the transition.

      Starting to shade in some of the gold jewlery.  But at least the colors make sense.  I've got a long way to go yet. The light source will be from the left.
      More soon.  If anyone has questions let me know.  Sometimes I forget to explain steps of my process.
    • By Glitterwolf
      And more Zombies ( they come in large numbers, can't help it ).

    • By Glitterwolf
      Three more from the Undead Regiment.
      These are from Otherworld Miniatures.
      Very nice detailed mini;s.
      I painted the snake symbol as a freehand again.
      And again reds and or purples as the Vampire Queen's Heraldry.
      Enjoy ( I hope).

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