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Scale 75 Smog Riders - 10/10

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About this project




The Smog Riders - Dimensions of Madness is a game of two to four players, in which each player controls a group of unique characters competing against each other for the control of steam technology and the secrets hidden in the Stygian Dimension.


During the game, each player faces their characters against the characters of the other players, and the dangers that lurk in the enigmatic and dark Stygian Dimension.


Compliance with the objectives of each mission, the search of powerful artifacts and eliminating rivals, will award points to each player to achieve victory over the rest.





In the course of the game, the characters will have to prepare themselves, adapt and use the changing environment to overcome their enemies. 





The Smog Raiders is a universe, it is a story, it is a continuity, it is a philosophy. We pretend that any user who acquires a game for the first time becomes an authentic Smog Raider.

The user, once turned into a Smog Rider, will be able to walk through time, acquire expansions of its figures in individual packs in high quality resin, to assemble and paint. Blisters of three figures to expand their factions. Accessories such as doors, turrets, gameboard elements, minions, etc.


Set of specific paints for the game, individual paints, brushes, primers, tools, step-by-step paint books, etc. All this to be able to customize their figures and apply more quality to the game

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Oooh.  Starting October 10th.  


I thought you were rating the Kickstarter a 10 out of 10.

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It's the 10th, and it's launched.


I've currently got a pledge in at the Painter level, out of curiosity, and will figure out if I want to get the game as time goes forward.

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And... they cancelled the kickstarter.  They're not making the money they wanted for the project, and plan on doing something else in the future.


Which is odd - I'd actually cancelled my pledge over the weekend, as I'd read through the rulebook and saw that there wasn't a lot of game there.  They mentioned a downwards trend in their last update, so maybe I wasn't the only one.

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