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I love how you used bright colors instead of going dark with him. He looks like he enjoys his job! Nicely done! I need to learn NMM.

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The Scarlet Hamsternickel pokes at midnight!


yes, yes, and very much yes. I love your freehand, your NMM and especially your color choices. What fun!


To nitpick, I think the central fleurdelis on his cape stands out a little too brightly, as though it were "on" the cape instead of part of it. This may just be the camera, but to my eye it's a bit distracting. The two corners don't have that effect.



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I love your color scheme and the freehand! The bright colors with the figure remind me very much of cartoonish Three Musketeers. C&C? I think the red parts could use a bit more highlighting - but I realize red can be kinda a nuisance to highlight too. 

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Thanks for all your kind comments everyone. Looking back at the pictures today, I think what tickles me the most is the belt buckle and a few other spots I may revisit.


As for the red color, I didn't highlighted it so much this time as I wanted it to look a little diffenrent the red Hamster Mage outfit I painted in August. I think it look more like red leather without too much highlight.


On the other hand, I may retouch the white central freehand Fleur de Lys to lower its contrast a bit.

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Yeah, that Fleur de Lis is almost shining....


Think you could make one that looked as if it was actually lit up?

Empowered by the Gods... It would look soo sweet on a Paladin... 


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