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BOO! October Hobby Goals!

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Learn to get a reasonably even coat when airbrushing.

(Poor Kyphrixis has had to take a long bath after my previous attempt...)


Finish assembling the 10pack of KoW Skeletal Archers I started on last month... and prime and paint those, the 20pack infantry, and the katapult...  


Start my Rainbow challenge Dragon. 


Do a 'little bit' of conversion on Wyrmgear... 

(It's a nice mini, it's just not 'right' )


Or just laze about on the couch...

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On 10/2/2017 at 9:04 PM, SparrowMarie said:

For October:

  • Enjoy birthday
  • Continue to work on diorama
  • Finish Minivember prep (currently doing this)
  • Paint more than one mini this month


I'm actually done with the Minivember prep now! Still working on Dagon. Birthday was very enjoyable. I've only just ordered the big stuff for the diorama (like the base that I kind of need to really get going), it should all be here next week.

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Shifting gears, or possibly just slipping and grinding them. Only big piece of terrain that I have to paint is the Mausoleum and graveyard expansion. Halloween and all coming up I'm thinking of doing them. My wife likes to set up little seasonal dioramas on our china cabinet in the dining room. Undead I've got lots of and can easily do more.


Original October goals;

DDS2 ruins - done

6 roman camel riders + bones pack camel - slightly painted

15 goblins wolf riders - 4 done, 3 partials, 8 primed


Optional goals ::P:;

Mausoleum and graveyard scenery

Autumn trees

16 pathfinder goblins

Never counted how many cultists from Reaper and Northstar

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On 9/30/2017 at 4:38 PM, Evilhalfling said:

recover from my art hangover.   

done painting dragons for a while, My dragon Insomnia took up a lot of brain space, named for the number of nights I got up to fix "one little detail" . 

paint more (3-4)  bones from the second KS, must stay on target. 

Freehand a pattern onto some tiny metal persons clothes. 



recovered from art hangover with quantity. 

10 figures painted. mostly to tabletop only. 

no freehand yet.  


New goal: assemble and paint some KoD starting survivors. 

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