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Ral Partha Dwarf Bear Riding knights (pic heavy)

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What a cool sculpt!  A great paint job too!  I love the for and the blue and the armor!  They look great!


Is that grass from GW?

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7 hours ago, Metalchaos said:

It's right, that's an awesome NMM you did on these guys! I like the bases as well.

Thanks! I have to admit though the bases are pretty simple. Some corn meal painted and some static grass added on afterwards. By the time I get a figure painted, I really just want to finish the base as soon as I possibly can.  For me the base is the un-funnest part of painting. 

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Now thats how NMM ought to be like! And I especially like the fairy tale feel you gave to the minis as well.. The pastel like NMM adds much to that effect.. Awesome in every sense!

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      Hi all,
      a figure I just finished yesterday (or so I thought).  This is the Ral Partha Town Constable, and I was kind of intrigued by him, as he isn't a very heroic or noble looking figure, he looks  a little bit lost, so I contacted Iron Wind and asked them if he was supposed to represent somebody and lo and behold, he is actually based on Tim Conway, and the figure at the time that was sold in his blister, a cowardly paladin, was based off of Don Knots. Who would have known?
      So I took these pictures yesterday quickly at lunch and posted them out where I usually do on Instagram, and as I looked at them, I noticed I had forgotten to paint something. So today's quiz is what did I forget to paint? To make it easier you can see it on the picture from behind.  Hopefully I don't get now 147 other things that I forgot to paint, but we'll see.

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      Here is a Wyvern from Ral Partha - I love the sculpt -particularly the expression

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      So here's another homage figure I just finished.  Ral Partha back in the day did a few figures based on popular figures of the time. The dwarf samurai I did recently was one, and here is another one, Elvis, King of the Bards.

      So hard to choose colors on him, so ended up kind of with a red, white and blue motif, kind of close to Fourth of July.  He has some really small circular eyes, but they turned out surprisingly well. When I was editing the photos and got a good look at them, they were actually pretty decently laced.  
      Anyhow, another great old Partha figure to enjoy!
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      Darksword Miniatures Ari Birdman DSM4620 by Dave Summers

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      Hi guys,
      so here's a figure I just finished, an old Ral Partha Saturday Night Fever Samurai, who I'm going to go out on a limb and say he's based on John Belushi.  Pretty straight forward figure to paint, and I wanted to give him more of a five o'clock shadow (thanks Patrick for the advice) but I just gave it to him where it was actually kind of sculpted in.  I looked at a few reference pictures of John Belushi in his Samurai suit, but eventually went a slightly different route to give a bit more color to him. I tried to get a little bit of heat from his cigar too, don't know if you can notice a bit of red and yellow by the ash?

      Anyhows, I hope you guys all enjoy this little blast from the past!
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