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DSM Owlbear

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I do have them!  I completely forgot to paint them up while doing this.  I'll have to paint them up next while my color choices are still fresh in my mind.

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Excellent! I really like the eyes as well, and the beak is great


I actually just ordered this mini too


Will keep your scheme in mind for inspiration =D

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Owlbear is one of my favorite monsters on pathfinder, and yours looks greate, hope no player die against it.:poke:

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      I made him removable from the funny base and also made the ball removable. This way he can still chomp adventurers!
      The contest was a blast and out of 70 entries, no two were painted alike. So many color schemes and different eyeballs! It makes me want to get a lot more eyebeasts and recreate some of the awesome paint jobs from the contest. (My players might cry! I fully expect one of their characters to purchase a ball and carry it around in their packs...just in case!)
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      Really liked painting this one, lots of good details. I really wanted to try OSL with his eyes and was considering adding some gore to his claws and teeth but got to this point and decided I really liked how he was looking and didn't want to muck him up with something I haven't tried before. Maybe next time!
      Feedback is more than welcome, please!
      Also, finally printed out a background for my pics 

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