Kyra and Lavarath

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Honestly I was looking forward to this model and was a bit of a disappointment.  It's details are too muddied and it's hard to get anything out of it from the plastic model.  I think this is available in metal and it's probably allot better.   I did the best I could but eventually I just gave up and left it as it is.

Still might do something with the flag in the future.  Not very good at doing patterns and free-styling designs though.






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Looks awesome!  I really want this sculpt!

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Posted (edited)

1 hour ago, NecroMancer said:

Looks awesome!  I really want this sculpt!


Beware it needs a lot of tlc.

  • Check the whole thing for ALL the mold lines before you paint (which I didn't do).  I missed a couple of horns which didn't become obvious until I started painting. 
  • Needd the hot and cold water technique to be straitened out.
  • There are ALLOT of gaps to fill.  Some of which I missed before I started painting.  Namely the tail and the saddle.
  • Humanoid figure is very derpy.  You might want to spend allot of time preparing it properly before painting to get the best result.
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It looks like you managed to work past the rough spots and produce a pretty nice figure, though.

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On 10/7/2017 at 9:50 AM, Chaoswolf said:

It looks like you managed to work past the rough spots and produce a pretty nice figure, though.


Yeah I think my only real grip is that the figure is not as cool as I thought it was going to be from the kickstarter. ^_^  I guess I just thought it was going to be bigger or something.  Otherwise it turned out ok.  

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    • By Maledrakh
      In the third Bones kickstarter, one of the dragons was made available in clear Bones material, in addition to the normal offwhite the Bones usually come in. Naturally, I opted for the clear one.
      Reiterating how to paint translucent minis:
      Clearly, it is nessecary to use paints that in themselves are translucent, such as inks or quickshades to preserve some of the dragon’s own translucency or it will all be for nought!
      From bitter experience I know that the usual opaque paints will *not* work if you want any sort of translucent effect, even if they are thinned considerably. Many acrylic paints such as I use, (e.g. Citadel, Vallejo, Army Painter, Reaper,  Scale 75 etc) will cover in a certain way which obscures the translucency, also when thinned. Some will leave a “chalky” look. This is mostly apparent in pale and whitish paints.
      So anyway:

      The key to painting a transparent mini is first to scrub it in warm, soapy water to remove any mold release residue (silicon, talc or whatever. It is greasy and stops the paint from sticking properly to the mini.) The plastic/resin is in itself also somewhat paint repellent on it’s own, so:
      When dry, undercoat it with clear, (preferably matte) varnish. This lets the paint adhere to the mini just like a normal opaque undercoat.
      Then, knock yourself out with inks or quickshades. Experiment with several layers and different colours, even wet blending as you go. Take care to remove any unwanted pools of paint that might gather. I use a clean, damp brush for this.
      Opaque paints should be kept only for extremely light highlighting and any bits that are to be opqaque, such as the base, or for effects such as making eyes pop.
      I used Army Painter Soft Tone quickshade ink (the water based stuff that comes in a dropperbottle, not the horrendous and smelly dip that goes by the same name). In additon I used Army Painter Green quickshade, with claws and eyesockets in Red quickshade. Eyeballs were done in old Citadel Golden Yellow, and the entire body was given an extremely light drybrush with  Reaper Dirty Bone on a broad brush. The teeth were picked out in the same dirty bone.
      The bedrock was glued down to one of my custom oval 3Dprinted bases, and painted in opaques in the same way as I do most rock these days: Dark green/grey over black, heavy drybrush in sandy yellow followed by a lighter drybrush with off white.
      Some tufts, thinned pva glue and my magic flock /scatter mix later, voila.
      I kept the dragon and the base as two seperate parts when painting to avoid slopping the wrong kind of paint where it was not meant to go. I even remembered to paint the plugs on the underside of the feet that were to be in contact with the base to avoid ugly bright patches there.

      I opted for a relatively heavy stain.
      To make the colour less colouring. thin the quickshade with preferably acrylic medium, or water. This needs a bit more shepherding and brushwork up until the ink starts to dry enough to stay still, to avoid an uneven result.
      Kyphrixis (clear variant)
      Reaper Bones KS3
      Translucent bones
      125mm x 90mm oval base
    • By TheOldGuard
      Hi All!
      Here's Kyphrixis from the Bones 3 Kickstarter which I've been working on for the last few weeks.
      Thanks for looking!












    • By peepster1976
      First Attempt at NMM.
      Watched some videos on Youtube, but i find it difficult where to put the "reflections" on the gold, aka where and how much, do i put the white.
      plzz advice.
      Colour used
      middlestone, Vallejo air
      Dark earth, vallejo air
      burnt umber, vallejo air
      carroburg crimson, citadel shade
      I use vallejo air, because i like the waterys viscosity of the paint. I can wetblend with it on the model.
      Just started with Airbrush, so i try to basecolour as much as posible with airbrush

    • By Logos
      It turned out ok......didn't spend allot of time on it.  Think I could do better in the future if I pick another one up.

    • By Logos
      It's an alter and a statue?  Don't know the numbers/names but I like how they turned out.  Most of the colors are from using those army paint shades I got in one of their box sets that I haven't done anything with yet.

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