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2017 Secret Sophie / Winter Exchange

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10 minutes ago, rfusca said:

I sent a PM in, but it still shows unread.  Did you get it?


I got it.  I usually read them in e-mail notifications.

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And the questionnaires are in!  All together we have 25 people participating.  I'll try to get my assignments out by tomorrow night.  If you're at ReaperCon with no access to forums and don't get it in time, you can find me there to check.

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The second and third volleys have been fired.  All exchange partners should have tier messages now.  If we have missed somebody please let us know.




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    • By robinh
      The Mini I received tonight was from my Secret Sophie painting partner for 2017 JAY.  The subject matter was a surprise to me and I must say he is very cute!
      Although based on his facial expression he does not appreciate being called cute!
      Jay has delivered me an excellent bit of cheer to me this night, whose space suit matches the frigid weather we have been having!  It could have been made from ice!
      I present  8004 Mousling Space Commander on his ship defending it from space pirates/cats??

      (Notice the focus on that face  ... this is what i get for calling him cute)

      and a better view of those shoulder emblems

      you may have noticed (or maybe not) he is facing two different directions on the stand  ... That's because he came off in transit.. must have been some rough hyper space jumps!

      Much appreciated Jay and He is my first SPACE MARINE! 
    • By Generic Fighter
      So, I'm a part of a Bi-Monthly Twitter Secret Santa'like Exchange called #BoxofManyThings! I'm doing Miniatures for both of the organizers of it and this is one of them. The individual in question goes by the Handle, owlbare on twitter and uses a Purple Owlbear as his Avatar. So I chose to do up a Cute little Owlbear for him in his signature Colors. These are actually his photos since I forgot to take any! Anywho, hope you enjoy:)


    • By Clearman
      This was painted as my gift to @Talae for the Summer Exchange 2017.  The criteria of interest was steampunk or water, with a demonstration of NMM.  The Automaton fit the NMM criteria well, and is mostly steampunk, so I ran with in.
      The orange parts are supposed to be copper.   This is the first time I've tried a NMM copper and used a Scale75 NMM set.  Thoughts?
      Comments and Critiques welcome.


    • By SamuraiJack
      Got my base coats on and a top glaze on the back..


    • By Jasper_the_2nd
      Finally remembered to post these up.
      I got minibart's name for the Spring Exchange.  I'd been hoping to get him since he sent me an awesome fig last year.
      He was looking for something Victorian and/or Steampunk.  I went through a number of idea about what I wanted to do, wasted far too much time on elaborate plans, and finally settled on a slightly simpler plan, and still managed to be late sending it.....

      With the Lord and Dame I wanted to tie them together with some cross over of colour.  Hopefully that was somewhat successful.

      The Lord came out fiarly well, I though.  I'm not sure if what I was trying with the hat came across as well as it could of.
      I was really happy with the vest, though it may not show up well in the picture.  I used Ruby Red to highlight Gothic Crimson, which gave it a nice satiny shine.
      Apparently all my shots of his back are blurry, and he's on a different continent now.  But dark grey coat of light grey pants, not too exciting anyway. 

      The Dame is a lovely figure and a joy to paint.  I had a great time painting her, other that realizing that I'm missing at least one paint in each green triad I wanted to use....
      And whenever I paint anything that could be considered Steampunk-y I love to throw in a West Wind Infernium Hound.

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