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Sophie was taken

Learn to Paint Kit #5 Rasia and Dain Deepaxe (02823 and 02811)

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For your perusal, Rasia w/ Spiked Chain and Dain Deepaxe:




Dain was the last mini I was able to paint before packing up about three years or so ago, and Rasia represents my return to the hobby, as seen in this WIP thread. The latter suffered some paint loss on her left leg upon removal from the mounting base, visible here before being patched up. Rasia was also an experiment with the Red Hair triad.


Overall, I’m pleased with the results. While I’m still a beginner, these two are a far cry from some of my early attempts.

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No matter how long you have been painting, those are SPLENDID LOOKING creations. You have an appealing style & a FINE eye for colors. OUTSTANDING WORK!

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