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Some random WIP sculpts - Chaos Dwarf mainly

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Hello!  Sometimes my urge to sculpt kicks again, so i pick up the sculpting tool and put myself at work! Recently i returned to an old love of mine, Chaos Dwarfs, that also IMHO offers some interesting options to practice scale armors and baroque decorations.
So, to start a couple of unfinished old scupts that i'm working on to complete. I'm missing a size reference pic, but all the dwarf models are roughly 26-27 mm to the top of their head.
First one is a Lammasu and it's rider. Original model is a GW manticore, with some modifications in pose and well, resculpted face. In these pics the beast was stillwithout the mane, i should make a couple of updated pics too. The rider has arms to be finished, and wil get a shield.
Then a random sorcerer, again an old sculpt i'm working on to finish. It has been a good "practice" model to try work on specific things and details (mainly, scale armor). Of course, he's stillmissing the typical coiled beard of Chaos Dwarfs.
To finish, a warpriestess i'm quite in hurry to complete, since is the one i want to bring to a miniature sculpting contest at the begin of November, at a large Con here in Italy. Definitely have to move, but i think i'm at a quite good amount of completition of the WIP. Also, not that i plan to win anything there, but contests are fun anyway.
C&C welcomed, i always look for improve, and working on these models is teaching me some useful lessons about sculpture. 


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