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She turned out so awesome. I love the monster bits all over the base and the green slime! I really like how you went for a different take on her armor. Who says you can't be girly and kick butt at the same time? Haha! I also like how the green on her top seems textured, like scales or something. Very well done!

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Thanks for the kind comments everyone, I'm happy you like her.


7 hours ago, wdmartin said:

I like the vibrancy of the green ichor splattered everywhere.  Any particular paint/technique you used on that?


For the monster's blood, I simply mixed white glue and 09294, Alien Goo color. I mixed until it started to get thick, then I applied it.

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There is some serious vying for attention between Babe, Shield, & Base that somehow does not detract in the slightest from a GLORIOUS IMAGINATIVE creation. That your brushwork & eye for colors are OUTSTANDING is self evident. The WONDERFUL attention to details on the base is inspired & inspiring. BEAUTIFULLY WELL DONE!

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Thanks for your comments everyone. Malefactus, you alway have that very literary phrasing which fascinates me. I would like to have the same ease in verbalize my thoughts. Thanks for your colorful appreciation, it enlightened my day.

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5 hours ago, KruleBear said:

Awesome. This really has a John Blanche vibe to it. And that is a compliment. 


Wow! John Blanche... It definitely got to have something to do with the sculpt. However, I'm happy you like my paint job, thanks for the compliment.

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