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Quick hair tests. I don't actually want a natural red, so I'm not really sure which to do.


Left: Natural red hair

Middle: Natural red hair with red wash

Right: Fire colors



Edit: Hair Colors. I'm liking the Fire Red/Cinnamon Red wash the most in the middle.

Not pictured, black hair: Nightshade Purple, Stormy Gray, Spectral White.


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The middle one gives the most surreal impression to me. The red seems to be reading more actual red, than natural red-head on that one, imo. The others seem like they're natural red-heads with black dye. All are pretty. :poke:

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I'm partial to the right: fire colors, but probably because of the blending. 

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I love all the testing you are doing! I probably need to try this. Also, your bust turned out amazing (I almost asked you where you got it, before I remembered you sculpted her). Good luck on the continuation!

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Base colors. Yeeeeeaah. I'm just gonna. Chill and watch Avatar while I paint!::D: I'm gonna have fun with this, painting is not my strong suit.


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Calling this done, featuring 10 minute OSL! ::P: Now to go fishing for 5 days, relax one day, and then go see art friends for 6 days! 

And then I can work on more projects! I have so many things to doooo! ::D: 



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      Happy Birthday Morihalda
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    • By Morihalda
      So way back, y'all probably remember that I got all excited about snow globes. Yeah. I haven't tested any of those materials. I started sealing my test pieces and kept seeing terrifying warnings everywhere. So the water part is on hold, but pleeease add to that post if you have any waterproof suggestions!
      Here's my sketch for it. I'm unsure about the fence. I'm hoping that running it next to the little guy in the front will lead you to the middle so they feel connected. I've been watching some art videos and they said that guiding your viewer's eye is important! I think I will -not- cross the bars on the fence. Then the fence will go in an easy direction to the middle of the globe without your eye stopping to figure out the X's. Save the detail for the "focal point," right? I've also got to figure out which side the slanted end of the fence should be.
      I'd also like to sculpt in little things on the side, like an empty mug of hot chocolate or a scarf, excitedly cast aside when the friends decided to make a snowman! Maybe add some teeny little pawprints in the snow....
      If I have time, I'd like to add in a surprise....

      Here they were as of last Friday! Over the weekend I cleaned and primed them. The snowman got some green stuff on his head because those mold lines were tough. I've started a basic ring of air dry clay on the base. It should be dry today and I can keep building it up.

      Next, the color scheme. I tried to color some ideas in a few weeks ago, but it's been difficult to not accidentally copy parts of the amazing one featured in the store. I end up adding too much yellow and green.... :S
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