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Nerali Bust - ReaperCon!

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Quick hair tests. I don't actually want a natural red, so I'm not really sure which to do.


Left: Natural red hair

Middle: Natural red hair with red wash

Right: Fire colors



Edit: Hair Colors. I'm liking the Fire Red/Cinnamon Red wash the most in the middle.

Not pictured, black hair: Nightshade Purple, Stormy Gray, Spectral White.


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The middle one gives the most surreal impression to me. The red seems to be reading more actual red, than natural red-head on that one, imo. The others seem like they're natural red-heads with black dye. All are pretty. :poke:

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I love all the testing you are doing! I probably need to try this. Also, your bust turned out amazing (I almost asked you where you got it, before I remembered you sculpted her). Good luck on the continuation!

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Base colors. Yeeeeeaah. I'm just gonna. Chill and watch Avatar while I paint!::D: I'm gonna have fun with this, painting is not my strong suit.


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Calling this done, featuring 10 minute OSL! ::P: Now to go fishing for 5 days, relax one day, and then go see art friends for 6 days! 

And then I can work on more projects! I have so many things to doooo! ::D: 



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      Happy Birthday Morihalda
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