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03627: Stieg Brinegrog, Pirate

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Well, the glazing didn't go according to plan. It's so chalky. But it doesn't look like it's painted on top of his skin. I hope.

I gave him nipples. Ignore the black on his left breast. I'm trying to draw a skull and crossbones, but keep messing up.

White light seems to wash away all the highlighting I have done. Which means...I need better contrast.



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    • By KruleBear
      Hajad is another sacrife to the toy box level painting (ie. ignore moldlines and any advanced techniques) in my quest to find the "right" zombie skin tone. This time based with 50/50 MSP Vampiric skin and VMC Basic Skin Tone. Covered with a wash of Army Painters blacker colored Dark Tone Ink. This is getting closer to what I want and might be right on with a wash using a brown ink like Strong Tone. I am going to find another sacrificial mini to try a 50/50 mix of the vampiric skin with VMV Dark Fleshwith a brown wash. I think that will give me the grey undead color I want ith enough caucasian skin to look like a fresher conversion to the zombie lifestyle. 

      I like this model, so will need to look at getting him in metal at some time. For now this one will be used as a ghost pirate in a Hero Kids adventure with my four year old.
      Thoughts and comments greatly appreciated. 
    • By pcktlnt
      Hello everybody! The last WIP I attempted is on hiatus due to um...losing the figure while packing away things to clean the carpet. 
      Dragon selected: Krupixis (spelling)
      Challenge level: * * *
      Primary: Palomino Gold
      Secondary: Olive Green
      Tertiary: Blush Pink
      Extras: Pure White and Pure Black

      "Let's rock this joint!"

    • By Cyradis
      I do have a princess mousling to alleviate the death and dead stuff painting I've been doing. But I couldn't resist putting a face on this one. Any resemblance to FLOTUS is entirely coincidental, seriously. I think the shading/highlighting toned it down, but the figure does have the angular structure on the face. 
      To conceal the mold lines I failed to remove on her exposed leg and arm I'm going to freehand some tattoos. I really should do better on removing mold lines. Oh well. 

    • By 72moonglum
      So, here are two miniatures I just got done painting and basing last night.  I ended up painting these two as well as another figure (front with a link for nudity) at the same time because I was starting out with the same skin colors, beginning with Tanned Skin. 
      One thing I did with the female pirate's sword and metal was I used Ashen Blue as my base color, then used deeper blues, then dark elf skin and shadow, then black, and worked upwards with lighter greys and finally white.  
      With the bases, which I also do very simply, I did the pirate bases starting with a base of blonde hair, then terran khaki.  The thought was to make sand, but who knows how well that worked out.  


      Here is the link to the third miniature:

      And here is the photo this figure came from:

      And a question, one of the doubts I had was about the female pirate, should I have lightened her eyebrows?
    • By Mutilatedlips
      A friend asked me to paint this and the Grand Mystic to match. I really liked this Dwarf a lot. Part of me wants to keep him. 
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