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New Releases October 23

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The following new release items have a release date of Monday October 23, 2017.
Reaper Special Edition Miniatures
01450  All Hallow's Eve by Bobby Jackson $11.49
01610 25th Anniversary Lysette by Werner Klocke $10.99
01613 ReaperCon 2017 Sophie $17.99
01614 Con Crud, ReaperCon Zombie $6.99
Dark Heaven Legends Fantasy Metal Miniatures
03839  Vampire Lord by Bob Ridolfi $6.99
03840  Graveflesh Servant (Male) by Bob Ridolfi $6.99
03841  Graveflesh Servant (Female) by Bob Ridolfi $6.99
03842  Sethis, Mummy King by Bob Ridolfi $7.99
Officially Licensed Pathfinder Metal Miniatures
60205  Barzillai Thrune by Derek Schubert $7.99
60206  Octavio Sabinus by Derek Schubert $7.99
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