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Are the reaper clear paints similar to tamiya's?

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So I see a lot of people painting the translucent mini's like the slimes and grave wraith with Tamiya clear colors, but I do not want to have a second setup for their paint formulation, so I am wondering if the Reaper Clears (like 9099 clear purple) give the same effect? Would be nice to just go straight to the color instead of having to throw down a clear coat and then doing a wash onto the translucent mini's (like how I did my grave wraith). Any help or suggestions is appreciated.

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The Tamiya Clears require a thinning agent to clean the brushes, ours are water-soluble. Our paints do not do the same thing with regards to the blood and slime trails and such.


Our clears are glazes of pigment in a translucent suspension, instead of an opaque one. There is rather a lot of difference in how the two behave.

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If you're dilligent in rinsing the brush, and using a synthetic, you can get away with using Masters after a session, if you hurry to wash it as soon as you've finished painting.   


I really wish Reaper had a paint that behaved somewhat like the Tamiya paints. Because the stink... yeah... 


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Vallejo has transparent paints that are similar to Reaper's paints and truly clear like Tamiya. With the exception of some additives all the rest of my paints are Reaper.


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It's already been covered, but yeah - stoatly different paints.  The Tamiya Clears are alcohol based acrylics and a total pain in the fae to use, although they will clean up in water (thinner works much better though).


I've found that ink-based washes behave best with the Tamiya Clears.  Standard washes tend to cause patches of opacity to randomly afflict the figure like some mottled plague.


They do give a really interesting effect on the translucent Bones though, adding definition and clarity to the figure.  I really like them for that reason.


I've heard that Badger ave a range of translucent paints that don't have the stink incidentally.  I'll look for the details once I get home

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I've heard it's the FreakFlex range, but looking at them online I'm not sure that's correct >.>

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