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Skeletal Dragonkin

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Hi guys this is KnightyNight, sorry I havent been active in forever, ive jad alot on my plate what with college and work and whatnot. I decided to paint this mini cause why not.20171012_122208.thumb.jpg.518b4c577df9ea53b7232297640476ad.jpg20171012_122203.thumb.jpg.0d2614991b808ea916afff9eccc27c77.jpg



So this is the mini all prepped and ready, and after about an hour





Here he is all nice and base coated. I plan on having him look red dragony, with red tinged bones. The armour will look like blueish steel along with the sword and dagger, and the robes will be a kind of grey color. Nice talking to you guys again, comments and critiques always welcome


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