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Sword&Sorcery, starterset Heroes

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They look awesome!

I love the Lady in Red!


Also BONUS points for painting a WOLF!

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Nice.  Just ordered the game and waiting for it to arrive.  So would you say it's allot better than the D&D adventure games like Ravenloft and Ashadalon?  I liked playing those as since most of my group plays D&D it was really easy for us to pick up and play.  The book of Secrets in Sword&Sorcery looked really appealing which is why I picked it up.  If there is one thing Adventure games lack it's a good narrative.

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    • By Lidless Eye
      My latest project is my recently arrived Stonehaven Adventurers 2018. 

      There's a nice amount of variety in this set, though I do miss the themes of their old projects.

      The more traditional adventurers first:

      The Human Ranger.  Stonehaven Humans have really grown on me.

      The Hireling.  I can see him being useful for all sorts of D&D games, or as a Mule for Frostgrave.

      The Half-Elf Cleric.  I liked her pet.

      My surprise favorite of the Kickstarter, the Half-Elf Witch.

      Another caster in a very evocative pose, the Human Elemantalist.

      Another female miniature in a unique pose, the Human Thief.

      Last of the more "traditional" heroes, she's labelled "Human Sorceress" but is clearly a Lich in disguise.


      I figured the Owlfolk could use their own flock.  They'll be seeing use as Aarakocra, I'm sure.

      The Child Owlkin Engineer.  Looks like a Bubo.

      The Pygmy Rogue.

      The Owlkin Fighter.

      The wise old owl, possibly named Virgil.

    • By Citrine
      Here are 2 of the pin-up babes from Wargamer LLC's kickstarter Hot & Dangerous.  
      First up Lagertha the Shieldmaiden.  I love how her cloak turned out.  Not so happy with the face, it look pretty terrible in the photos, its not so bad in hand.  I need to get better at thinning my paints I think.

      Rosie the Bowman (the official name).  I did not like the concept art at all, but the finished sculpt turned out great.  I love how she has a lot of spunk.

    • By Comi
      Hello Reaper community!

      I am Isaac from LastSword Miniatures and today I would like to share here our new kickstarter.

      From today until 10th of september campaign will be open. 


      This is our second campign with elves. 

      You will find two new infantry regiments:

      Albus Custodes: elves with two hand weapons and heavy armour.

      Dragon Guard: great axe, dragon cloack and heavy armour.

      Furthermore you can take regiments from our first campign too:

      Elven Spearmen.

      Elven Archers:

      We have four new regiments that you can get for free with Streach Goals

      Lord Commander

      High Custode

      Prime Draco

      Elven Princess

      And our old characters from our first Elven Lords:

      Elf Prince 

      El Mage.

      We have scultped new scenery elements too.

      The Obelisk.

      Elven Statue.


      Ornamental bases.

      All our old scenery willl be avariable too in the Pledge Manager.

      We have some Early birds guys, so do not miss you opportunity to get them  and have a look now at: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/lastsword/elven-lords-ii-dragons-roar/

      Thank you! And thanks to Reaper to let us share our campaign!
    • By magtagj
      Finally starting to make headway on KS3! Having kids, mirite?

    • By peepster1976
      WiP, my vastaryous dragon from the Sword&Sorcery board game. Based on the big reaper bones 3 dragon on this forum.... Tail needs to become a bit darker... But happy with the color tones in the different heads and necks. 
      C&C more than welcome... 

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