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Whipped this guy up while taking a break from a few bigger projects.  There are a LOT of touchups that I need to make, but for a palette cleanser, I think he turned out pretty cool.  I think I need to find a place in my house with better lighting, because I notice a lot of detail errors when I get the close-up picture taken that I never saw when painting.  Does anyone use magnifying glass or something else to help with smaller parts of a fig?  I have excellent vision, but the difference between just looking at a fig on a tabletop and getting picture taken is pretty stark.  Now I need to come up with a Big Bad Evil Guy so I can use this guy during an adventure.  I appreciate any advice and critiques!  Thanks!



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Nice job!


I use a head mounted magnifier all the time & couldn't paint without it but then, I am getting closer to my half century! :poke: Even if you have great eyesight, you may find some sort of magnification useful in spotting details etc.


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Very Nicely done.

Great advice about the magnification visor.

I couldn't do anything without mine !

Keep up the great work !


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If you can still see 95% of the details, just pick up some 4x reading glasses at Walmart...otherwise you will need to get an optic visor like us old farts. 

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Lighting is crucial.  You need enough, but not too much, and it is best to have a broad source of light or more than one lamp (one on either side of you) to avoid shadows.  If your eyes are good, that may be all you need.


I have a few different magnifiers, two head-mounted ones and one on a lamp.  For painting the smallest details, there's no way I could do it without a magnifier.


The magnifier on the lamp is used the least, but if you're just looking at the mini rather than painting it, it works well enough.  For painting, I think it is harder to use since you have to look through it at a certain angle, and it is more uncomfortable when doing that for a long time.  


Between the two head-mounted magnifiers, the Optivisor is the better one and the cheap one from Harbor Freight does an okay job as well.  I use them both, depending on how much magnification I want.  It is easier in my case than switching lenses.  Many magnifiers can be fitted with more than one lens, though.  It took me a little time to get used to using head-mounted magnifiers, but once I did it became second nature.  I've heard some people complain they can't use them, or that they get headaches, something I have not experienced.


If you don't already wear glasses, you can use reading glasses in place of other magnifiers.  Technically, I've worn reading glasses with my regular glasses, so it is possible, though not ideal.  Also, if you wear glasses, you might be able to take them off to see better close-up.  This depends on your prescription.  I can do that, but it is awkward in my case, so I usually use a head-mounted visor.


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Good work on him!


The others covered everything I would've said about magnification; I love my head visor.

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