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Goremaw . . . in SPACE!

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Being new to the world of airbrushing myself I'd say your skill is pretty amazing. Also loved the story of your family's involvement into the whole process.. And the reult is pretty awesome for that!

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Ha. Wormhole. LOL.


As requested...

Plus a free X-Wing upgrade - any ship whose movement template or base overlaps Goremaw or any ship model which comes in contact with Goremaw rolls 2 attack dice and is assigned damage shown.



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      I saw a tweet in Japanese which says soaking Bones in benzine for about 2 days (more precisely, 44 hours, he says) removed plasticizer and bones are hardened. Did somebody tried this before? Any successful experience? Or experienced some problem? 
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      Beard did not come out very good on Camera.  Otherwise I think he turned out pretty good.

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