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Wow I feel really outclassed here but I've gotta start somewhere...

Painted these for a friend's birthday, it was several months past his birthday when I finished, lol. Unfortunately before I could properly finish he had to move so I had to rush and couldn't do as much as I'd like. A lot of bases remained unpainted, and some touch ups on some of the skintones that I was planning on doing after had to be left as they were.

Not sure how many I can fit before it starts flagging me as spam so I'm just gonna show a photo of all of them, and then some of the monsters. They're the ones I'm most satisfied with.


Blood Rage Base Game all painted minis





Fire Giant


Uhhh, sorta just realized I forgot to actually take pictures of the 100% finished work, please forgive the half finished base.




Ice Giant


Looking over this now I can see things that I could have done differently/better, but I still think it turned out pretty well.





Pretty Happy with this guy too, the blood spatter is not the best and the rocks are a little janky, my first experiment with basing.





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Adding pics
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Wow! What a saga this must have been! Which painfully reminds me I have too keep painting my own set.. Sigh... One day I shall get to it.. I hope..


But what you have achieved here is surely inspiring and your efforts have been rewarded! Very well done!


So I hope you dine in Valhalla next game night! ^_^ 

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They look great!


Unfortunately I am in the same boat as @VolksFest!  Except I haven't even started ::(:


I got my copy for a steal on the Bay with grand plans of painting everything right away... needless to say that hasn't happened.  I also have Rising Sun and Green Horde coming which a I have the same plans for... what did I get myself into?

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      Bonus Thematic Paint:  Violet's hair is MSP SAMPLE PINK, which I hate using because there is a limited supply, but it always wants to be used.  I'm torn!

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