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Another set complete!  This time it's a group of Eastern Fantasy themed adventurers and encounters.  Almost all the minis are from the third Bones Kickstarter, with the exception of the Tengu/Kenku Monk armed with kamas.  She's from Stonehaven.

The group:




The Oni:








The Kitsune.  The male is one of my favorites...I hadn't even noticed the sake glass in his hand  until I started painting!  That and his swagger make for a very characterful sculpt.






Just some Human Monks:




The Kenku/Tengu:





This is the non-Reaper one, a Monk from Stonehaven Miniatures:






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2 hours ago, NecroMancer said:

I really want that Oni!!

They should both be hitting retail soon(ish).  It's been a long wait for them both!  I know the male Oni was a ReaperCon resin preview many moons ago, and the concept art of the female Oni has been seen about the forum for years.

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Love those oni. The bracelet of eyes is awesome! Stealing it. (The idea, not the actual bracelet. The Oni would likely not appreciate it.)

 And the male fox is great, you did a nice job capturing the character of the sculpt!


Because I wouldn't be me if I passed up a chance for pedantry, the Tengu monk is wielding a non-historical version of the kusarigama. The weapon historically has a kama at one end and a weight at the other, but a lot of recent anime has popularised the look of the double-kama. My personal favorite is the gun-kusarigama used by Emerald Sustrai in RWBY.*



*I am NOT going to discuss whether RWBY is an anime. It has awesome weapon designs, is all I care about right now.

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Wow.. What a cool bunch.. Reminds me of my D&D (was called AD&D then lol) 2nd Ed adventures in Kara-Tur - Forgotten Realms (Japanese fantasy setting) days.. 


Would love to grab a hold of them and create an oriental war-band.

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