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Ash Adler

Learn To Paint Kit 2 - Wizard, Thief, Pirate

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I had a really good time with this kit, and I feel like I learned a lot from it, too.  Win-win! ::D:



This is probably my best paint job to date, and it was pretty cool to see those highlights and shades build up layer by layer.  Similar to the skeleton in the first kit, this one was quite fun to work on despite being a fairly simple model.



If the wizard was the best paint job, this one was the most fun.  Sadly, something about the posture just confounded me when it came to trying to take good pictures of it.  Also, those lips :wub:



I was a bit sloppy with this one, probably because I wanted to just finish with the kits and get on to doing my own minis again.  Nevertheless, it was a neat challenge to try doing so many layers of colors for this one, and if nothing else, that left eye is probably the best eye I've painted (right one's a bit of a mess :lol:).


On the whole, I'm very grateful for all of the people who suggested getting the LTP kits.  Definitely a great couple of learning tools.  Many thanks! ::):

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Good work! Keep painting and you'll be stellar! Glad you like the LTP kits. I wish I'd had them while learning! 

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I second Cyradis, on wishing there were LTP kits around when I started.. Or maybe there was but I was ignorant of the fact, I dont know..


Your skills have improved significantly and it is very visible. Red is a very notorious color to shade and highlight but you have done a wonderful job of it as well as the other minis.


It is so great that you are liking the hobby as you improve. Keep it up! 

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The availability of resources like the LTP kits or online tutorials or the like certainly helps with getting into the hobby now as compared to several years ago, so it's unfair to compare what I'm able to do now to what some of you were doing maybe 10+ years ago.  That having been said, the kind words are definitely appreciated ::): .  I feel like there's at least one thing about each of these minis that turned out pretty nice (the wizard's cloak being the best), and seeing that is good motivation to keep working on trying to do those few good things consistently.

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