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Evilhalfling builds, and plays kingdom of death

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This is going to be a combined set of photos and game logs.  I will try and alternate posts. 

I just received the KS ,on Thursday the 19th. So I started assembling the first 4 survivors andthe White Lion. 

My D&D group has 5 players, so I also assembled a 5th unarmored survivor from the kits. 


This is kingdom of death: a HUGE black box with an awesome "Botique Horror"  board game and more than 35 minis to assemble and paint.  Some are truly

amazing figures....





The starting 4 figures were much easier to assemble than I feared.  Its like the game starts you off in training mode. 

Even the lion was easy, but it did have a lot of cracks to fill.  the figures have dynamic poses. 


Some are not, as amazing.  The unarmored survivor below is very up straight, and the number of pieces is annoying.

Arms: 4 pieces! for example.  I cut a few extra from the sprue before I got the right combination of forearm pieces and both a right and left hand. 

I find it odd that the male starting survivors are left handed, and the women are right handed.  (based on which hand holds the weapon) 

for as detailed as the starting survivors were, the back on this figure was poorly done, looking like a ken doll level of detail.  

I made him right handed, but unarmed. He is supposed to be beckoning a monster.  to "Come at me, Bro" 






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I know absolutely nothing about this game, but the unarmored, unarmed characters and the lion and ram(?) are intriguing (I guess I like anything that stands out a bit from the usual fantasy adventurers and monsters!)

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On 10/22/2017 at 10:48 AM, YronimosW said:

I know absolutely nothing about this game, but the unarmored, unarmed characters and the lion and ram(?) are intriguing (I guess I like anything that stands out a bit from the usual fantasy adventurers and monsters!)


Each person starts out with a sharp rock, a loin cloth and a lantern.   You kill monsters and make weapons out of their bones, armor from their skins.

You play an individual in the big fights, but you are trying to win using a small village.  Individuals die a lot. 

the monsters are WAY out of the ordinary.   All fantastic, some repulsive, some obscene.  The monsters are what pulled me to into the game. 



Game Notes:   

The game is for mature audiences, and may stray into beekeeper territory, due to name choices.  I guess I should sblock my game logs 


For example: My first settlements name is "Trump's America" 

and it includes many familiar names.  (president, his advisers and family)   horrible things happen to them.

ill post the Prologue and First Hunt tonight.  


Edit 11-5

..and its moved to beekeepers.  Mostly the same logs, with a new intro.  pictures are staying here. 


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Moved the description of the Settlement to a beekeeper thread. 

Lost 1 to the prologue hunt, then a TPK on the second lion.


- this may be one of hte most dangerous early hunts - you dont have enough weapons and armor for the characters and the lion just got bigger and tougher.  in this campaign  chose weapons over armor, as  I did not have enough endeavors to to both.  I also picked a bad weapon - (bone daggers suck) 


things begin to go south. 


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I really need to get a game started. This thread shows me that more than ever.

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Spent 4 hours at paint club working on green-stuffing cracks, and some painting. It feels like I lost progress. 

I tried a dremel (first time)  and files to give the unarmored survivor's back some definition, then I brought it home and added paint...

Nope.  Need a better model for how to shade a back.  Normally I just paint whats there instead of making up muscle shapes.   His cloth wrapping looks a little like he is wearing a painter's dropcloth. 


also sprayed white primer on lion.  I will go for a blue/white scheme for the lion, but just the primer helped.  






white primed lion3.jpg

white primed lion1.jpg

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Year 2,  double settlement and one lion hunt: 


Things got better, with armor and weapons we moved in to the calm before the storm. 


and some painting: I think 5th man is done. 

have mostly assembled butcher and antelope as well, but haven't based either. 

The antelope at least will be pinned, so better basing required. 




5th back.jpg

5th front.jpg

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Year 3 hunt, and settlement 4.  





While out hunting Lions we found a cub and merciless killed it, bringing its dad immediately.  Okay shorter hunt = good.

Donald Trump Jr, ran up in the lions face and dared it to bite him, Sarah Huckabee proved excellent at communication and used her amulet to direct the battle, not just avoiding traps  but suggesting when to use the Katar and unarmed combat to try for Crits. She was also encouraging to everyone especially Donald, due to the boots she had won in a footrace.   General Kelly was apathetic  about his own survival, so he wandered into the fight and out again, keeping some distance and mostly using his fists and great strength rather than his sword.

The lion never had a chance, it barely wounded Donald before its slaughter, and we harvested 2 ore, and a mane. in addition to normal rewards. 

No white fur, or claws so we just made more rawhide armor, and bandages.  also built a weapon crafter and leather worker.  but didn't really use either.  DT took up with Mrs Maples  and with some chemical enhancement the first child was finally born - Ivannka.  We decided to raise her kindly.  The last unnamed survivor - is now Jared. He proposed to Ivanka but since she refused on account of being too young.   Attempting to win her over, He  ran into a big stone maw that had just appeared and came out with some dead bugs.  Maybe next year she said. 

Ivanka  gained understanding quickly and soon began to tinker (with public policies.)





I assembled antelope and butcher, and started painting the butcher.

Butcher is getting heavy OSL and deep shadows - a contrast from the hunt-able animals and survivors. 


Raising kids in Trumps America. 



I know I should have gone with survival of the fittest, for RP reasons  but with the population shrinking so fast I could not bear it.  Originally I was going to take protect the children so that 5 kids with one father would be possible.  and now I'm down to a single surviving  wife. 
Perhaps survival of the fittest only applies to other peoples kids. 

Additionally nothing in the rules say that a child cant have intimacy on the same phase they are born.  They are considered old enough to hunt on their first year . 
but that seemed icky, the settlement is not desperate enough to do child brides. 




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And the butcher:  

lots more details to paint/refine, but these pictures give a good idea of the direction. 

- the game alas is put away while my mother-in-law is visiting and staying in my basement. 






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I think the Butcher is done.  Except I am out of milliput for the base. 

ordered some online (15th) and the delivery date is NOV 2-20th  Seriously??? 

I need this stuff for my winter Exchange too. 


maybe ill nip over to the hobby store and pick up greenstuff instead. 








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Nice progress!


Also, I am loving the political choices!

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Trumps America: Second Term


by year 7 the group was down to 3 survivors, and one of those had to skip a hunt. 

Can the lion be taken out by 2 humans in rawhide armor? 

A pair of Hunters.jpg




had the last survivor Tiffany (the one legged) Trump.   Give up and wander off into the darkness, after marking year 8, by blowing out a lantern. 

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Commemorative miniatures:    One of the popular things to do is wait till you have had a hero worth celebrating, and then build a miniature to match their gear. 


I built a male in rawhide armor and 1 Katar, as worn by 3 Trumps and Kuschner : 

ill build the young survivor with a sword / dagger instead of a whip, to honor poor Tiffany. 


Started a second Settlement: Wild Cards.  

(as written by GRR Martian and his RPG group.)  

Dr Tachyon, the Turtle, Fortunato , and Peregrine are doing fine.  

Jetboy did not survive the prologue (but took 3 serious wounds before going down) 

- will do more detailed posts later. 

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The wild card settlement is still doing fine at the beginning of year 8. 

4 lions (one at level 2!) 

3 antelope

and the butcher.  (killed 3 of 4 this time, but I forgot a rule that would have helped Butcher win.


Plague in year 6 killed 3 good people  - including Braintrust.  an immortal great sword specialist. 

In year  7 I finally had Murder, and my last prologue survivor, Dr Tachyon was killed by the Sleeper.  

Sleeper returned after being cast out, apparently immortal.  

The Sleeper has learned the bonewitch secrets and im planning on bringing a sacrifice peon, for a singe try at good permanent bonuses.  


I  have had 2 saviors - Golden Boy a strong savior who died on his first hunt from insanity, (found out later this was a mistake, but left him dead) 

Moonchild, an evasive savior. about to leave on first hunt. 

Still have no cats eye thingy.   but have a full suit of Antelope, and rawhide and nearly full cats armor., and decent weapons. 



As for minis - the antelope  white lion are kinda half painted,  and I have painted the starting survivors,  Butcher and assembled  a few others -

young survivor and rawhide armor 

the kingsman is assembled, but his fancy display base is slowing me down.



WIP Antelop2.jpg

WIP Antelope.jpg


the others.jpg

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