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I saw this in person, and it looks even better that way; fantastic work!

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    • By ub3r_n3rd
      Having a hard time getting started back up on my keeper's sanctum diorama... I think I need to purposely take a break from it and work on some other stuff to get my creative juices flowing again. I have this idea in my head for a 75mm diorama featuring black sun miniatures' "Barbarian and the Lost Princess" (Conan) vs SC75's "Brock the Wanderer" 
      I'm thinking in this piece that it will have Conan carrying the princess through a dungeon type setting and then Brock standing there in front of a doorway. I'm going to really pull from artwork that I admire in regards to barbarians such as Frazetta and Patrick J. Jones.
      Right now I'm cleaning off the flash and mold lines, as soon as I do that, I'll wash everything and start to assemble as much as I can without causing issues during painting. 

      Mood and color scheme inspiration pic from Patrick J. Jones -

    • By Clearman
      Finally getting around to posting my ReaperCon 2017 entries.  This is the one that was selected for judging, and was awarded a silver (low silver).  Received great, actionable feedback from @Kuro Cleanbrush.  
      Comments and Critiques welcome.


    • By noodlemancer
      I bought the Golden crackle paste medium instead of going out to buy the GW crackle paint... but so far no crackles in my test swatches. I'm hoping some people here have tried Golden before and have any tips. Do I need a base coat? Glue on the bottom? Thicker layers? Does it need the full 3 days to dry & cure even for small terrain pieces?
      I'm hoping to be able to just use what I already have, but I might be able to buy some Agrellan earth this weekend if the Golden doesn't work. Or if there are any good crackle paints for a dry desert texture I could find at Joann's or Michael's or Blick.
      Thanks! :)
    • By PurpleLlama
      So I've been pretty busy with work and other things and haven't had a chance to paint much lately.  Got this guy as a gift from a friend and painted it up a couple of weeks ago.  Pretty happy how everything turned out especially the eyes.  I used some owl pictures for reference.  Though usually their beaks are a dark grey, I wanted this to stand out a little more.
      Thanks for looking!

    • By Generic Fighter
      So, I'm getting close to finishing up this Project. Also, my olde thread for this was from before the Great PhotoBucket Fiasco. So I'm redoing this thread using my new Imgur account! Behold my Bad Paint Jobs and Despair!! Or Not;)
      First up the Ani-Pals!

      Dog I

      Dog III

      Dog IV

      Bare the Bear Companion


      Dawg the Ranger, "Leader" of the Ani-Pals!

      Sting the Pixie Rogue!

      Salle Goblin Sorceress!

      Kildrick the Dwarven Cleric!
      Gonna post the rest in the next post so I don't hit Image Max Limits.
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