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The Margravate of Greifshold - a free campaign setting

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Dear adventurers and fans of all things fantasy. I currently create a campaign setting complete with terrain crafting and painting tips. Part of this project is an in-character guide to my setting: The Margravate of Greifshold complete with hand-drawn maps, adventure hooks etc.


I release the background material it for all to enjoy on my blog, basically embracing a Creative Commons mindset. Feel free to share links to the guide and share the love and help GM’s with their efforts to bring joy to the table. Let me know how you like the guide, what else you would like to see.

I sketched the map and other artwork with pencil and proceeded to inking the line art with 0.05mm and 0.45mm tip Micro Pens. This was then scanned and colorised using Photoshop. Here is the link to the WIP thread that contains more information on the creation process. 


So follow the well traveled scholar Regis of Werta to Greifshold, an untamed land shaped by myth and warring tribes. A land to be conquered and civilized or a land to be cherished and defended from outsiders? Where do you stand, adventurer?



"The Margravate of Greifshold, an introduction penned by Regis of Werta, intrepid traveler. 

We call the forest to the north “The Cradle” or “Wiegalant” in the tongue of the native tribes. The northeastern forest is called the Wyrmwood and the northwestern part Black Quill Forest.The forest extends further to the west as far as the eye can see. No one I spoke to set foot in those parts.

Three rivers divide the forest, two of which are arms of the Aharot, the principal river of these lands. It flows north to south past the remains of an ancient temple and unites with the sea west to Greifshold, the only major settlement on this continent. The Herza flows east to west and splits from the Aharot at Starspire, an observatory built on a large hill surrounded by Yew trees. The Jarsamig flows north to east and passes the Balding Hills and the small fishing village Breka before it unites with the sea.

The Wyrmblood Range forms the northern limits of the forest, yet its foothills extend deep southwards and form a stretch of hills just north of Greifshold. The city itself is in part build on a gentle hill. They are called The Balding Hills, due to the sparse growth on most of them. I have it on good authority that iron ore was found in these hills and they may as well reveal precious stones in time. The northern parts of the Wyrmblood Range are not well travelled and should be avoided in winter.

What lies beyond the Wyrmblood Range is for the most part unknown."


Read on:


Greifshold - The land and its myths


The grand city of Greifshold




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Beautiful work on the map art posted here!  I like the colours, very slick stuff. 


I will pass a link onto my workaholic current DM and see if he can find some inspiration here, as our game seems like it is beginning to lose a little of its steam, skipping more weeks that we used to, etc.



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Most excellent, that is exactly what I hoped for. If the one or other inspiration can be found or your GM just uses the map or elements of the guide, then I think I achieved my goal.


The map took ages to complete, but I went through a number of revisions deciding on the creatures to feature, after all they need to fit the background.


Happy gaming!

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Now part three, the last section of the guide, is available for you on my blog.




As you can already see, the little graveyard on the map will be the site for the next encounter map. You find an early WIP below:




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