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Kagunk, Ogre Chieftan 77105

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Finished this up late last night.  Probably my favorite fig I've painted to date.  There are a ton of little details all over, but since the fig is bigger than average, it was pretty easy to paint. I went with a green skin tone because my next planned adventure features a large mutant orc, so this fig worked perfectly for the brute.  Critiques and advice are always welcome!  Thank you!






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Thanks! I agonized over how to paint that, so naturally I procrastinated until it was the very last thing left. After looking it over for a while I decided that the black primer actually looked pretty sharp, so I just thinned out some bone colored paint and touched up the parts that looked like they were actually coming out of shield.  Then the blood smear for effect, and voila!  I think I spent an hour staring at the dang thing, and 30 seconds to actually get it done.  Sometimes simplicity is the key!

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