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CAV forum Secret Santa...?

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Assembled the figure this morning for the first time fully painted and based. Really happy with it. Need to get it recorded, picture taken, then packaged and mailed.


The end is near!

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Project Peanut Butter Snickerdoodle is away! Australia Post reckons it'll take around 5 days to arrive, so since it's a somewhat distinctive scheme that was requested, I'll hold off posting photos until mid next week.


Also, at the post office while buying shipping and the packing box:


Postal worker: "By the way, you've got me curious. What IS it?"


Other postal worker: "Oh, that's from Warhammer!"


Well, close enough. 

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CAV boxed and shipped to the new owner. Sort of want to send the tracking number, but that’ll ruin the surprise. Forgot to include a note in case the paint scheme wasn’t completely obvious. 

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Mine is done should go in the mail tomorrow. I left the base generic so he could model all of his force to look the same.


Hope 'D' likes it. I'm pretty sure he knows whose model it is. Looking forward to seeing the other models you paint to go in this force.






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I've had to drop down a step from even my wife's normal less-than-stellar camera phone to a much older model, so the miniature looks better than what is being shown here.  At least, I hope to hell it does.  I've also done some touch up that the photo helped me see better.  

It goes in the mail tomorrow, and I hope it serve the new pilot well.  


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2 hours ago, NomadZeke said:

painting black mechs suuuuuuuucks.... x.x too far committed now to change scheme.


While I won't say its worse, I'll throw pink the same general difficulty level.



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A box arrived on my doorstep! How mysterious!



Thanks to my Totally-No-Longer-Secret-Santa Savage Coyote, and to jsalyers for organising this! Looking forward to seeing everyone else's as they come in!

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