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Don’t Drink and Dungeon-Crawl diorama

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Don’t remember where I got the drunk halfling bard, but I know I got the snake off the melt table at 2016 reaperCon


figured they went well together when i had randomly found them intertwined in my box of pewter


smallest diorama ever eh? Figured why have a giant base when it didn’t Need one to get the story across



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I think his new eye I made him worked out well (why on earth did they put his eye level with his nose? Eyes do not go on cheekbones)


anyways, basecoated now




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Looking good!

I was so happy when that sculpt popped up during the TAG Halfling Chicken Riders Kickstarter.  The green had shown up on forums years ago; it went to White Knight but as far as I know did not get produced for retail until the TAG partnership.

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