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Thanksgiving Paint Binge Challenge 2017

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1 hour ago, Rob Dean said:

Added a picture of this morning's first little batch of figures.  For bonus points, two of the three are actually figures that I've had since the early 1970s.  There's only a few others here whose Shelf of Shame has such depth... :blink:

My shelf of shame is not quite that bad, but there are some on there that was started around 1990...

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Four guardsmen added to the done pile. Painting Anhurians took me back to my first mini paint ever, the Anhurian swordsman from the old learn to paint kit.

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I’ve gotten another half dozen fantasy Vikings done, but I ended up going out in search of supplies for Christmas baking, and planning games for a convention in May with a friend, in addition to the painting...

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Nice work! 


I am working on two this afternoon, but may not finish until late tomorrow. 

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Like @Rob Dean, I came, I binged, I'm sated for the time being.




Closeups under here:



The broken pillar in the back was a nice dry-brushing and wash exercise.



Rats and bats and scarabs, oh my. I had a fun time with the dire rats and on-the-model wet blending.



One of my gaming friends accuses me of not painting enough allies. Therefore, I present the leader of the Guard of the Curvy Spear. I just couldn't do anything with it. Maybe I'll try inserting a thin sewing pin to help it out. Maybe not.


Thank you @Inarah for organizing and encouraging!

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I got a total of 5 done before I ran out of energy on Sunday. 


Thanks to everyone who participated and got paint on minis, even if you did not finish many figures.  

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    • By InvisibleThumb
      Stuck my thumb in the box of unpainted bones and pulled out a Kyphryxis.

      must unbag bag and dry fit, trim mold lines and scrub, but first, the random colors...

      15, ah what could that mean?  I'll look later.  Let's roll another.

      seven!  Good.  Nicely spaced numbers.  Will look it up in a minute.  For the third roll...  Well darn gotta wait for the full minute so the time shown is different...  Finally!

      oof!  One!  Critical miss.  Well, it's probably a boring color at the top of the table.  Let's see what this means:
      15: mint green
      7: olive green
      1: fire red 
      huh.  Whadaya know.  Time to go see what I've got for colors... (To be continued)
    • By Chaoswolf
      ...and finishing it in 10 days or less.
      And you're all invited to come along for the ride. Audience participation is welcome and encouraged, just don't throw anything, please.
      (Unless it's money)
      While on the hangouts last night, I had an idea for a new project, and then started to laugh. When asked what was so funny, I said that I had just thought of a cool idea for a vignette for Reapercon, but it was too bad it's only a little over a week away. Some of the helpful folks there encouraged me to 'go for it'. I laughed.
      But I started thinking about it.
      Then I really started to think about it; I got out some stuff, and made a crude  mock-up sketch. Then I thought about it some more.
      ....and now I think I'm going to do it. It's not like all of my other projects are already finished, right? Oh wait....
      So, when I hobby, I usually have a couple different things going at one time, so that I can work on something else while i'm waiting for paint/glue/putty/whatever to dry. I was converting this fellow:
      when the idea hit me.
      So, what I'm thinking is a scene where the evil spell caster is summoning up some unholy thing from the pit for some evil shenanigans.
      Mock up:

      The big scary monster is not what I'm going to use; it's just a place holder. The summoning portal will be in the ground. What I'm thinking for the monster is that less is more; just an arm and top of the head, or some tentacles or something just starting to rise up out of the portal.
      What do you think?
      Also, here's the guy I converted:

      Since he was the chap that inspired this idea, I was going to use him as the star, (and I still might), but I was wondering if the calm pose works alright ( I imagine all the chanting, bloodletting and so on has concluded and he's just waiting for his minion to come forth ), or if a more action-y pose (arms spread, holding a staff/sword/something over the head, something like that) would be better.
      Well, what do you think?
    • By OneBoot
      Laaaaaadies and Geeeeeeeeeentlemen!!!
      Welcome to the Epic 7-day Challenge Khanjira battle: OneBoot vs. Buglips!
      OneBoot issued the Challenge!
      Buglips accepted!
      They will be following the standard rules!
      (Rules reposted here for clarity)
      1.  You may use no brushes larger than Size 0.  As Size 0 can vary by company and brand, the average bristle  dimensions are 10mm long by 1mm wide.  When selecting brushes, try to be as close to this guideline as possible. 
      2.  You have 7 full days to complete from your posted start time (including a picture with a time stamp from a phone or computer screen is helpful to establish this) to complete the model.
      3.  All visible areas must be painted, and all paint must be applied with a regulation brush.
      4.  No drilling, filing, mold line removal or other prepwork is permitted before start time.  The only preparation allowed is to dry fit your pieces to make sure the model is complete, and do any boiling and reshaping necessary to correct warpage and return the model to "factory spec".   You may also clean the pieces with soap and water.
      5.  All pieces as included in the box set at retail must be painted.  This includes, for example, the 5 adventurer figures included with Dragons Don't Share 2.
      The official start time for this competition is 4:00 PM Pacific time on Wednesday the 27th
      Alrighty, let's get ready to RUUUUUUUUMBLLLLLLLE!!
      --OneBoot :D
    • By Dilvish the Deliverer
      So, as you may have heard, I have been bitten by the Frostgrave bug.  Like several others here.
      I don't want to keep thread-jacking the topics that others have already started so I'm starting my own.  And there is nothing that you can do about it!
      (Except ignore it.  Please don't ignore it.  My fragile self esteem would just totally fall apart and I would be forced to return to.........where was I)
      Yes terrain.  I used to make terrain back when I played Mordheim but all of that has been lost to time and space (and Navy movers).  So I'm building most things from scratch.  I will include finished works as well as WIP.  If there is interest I can break out specific projects into a separate WIP thread.
      So to start off: My first 10 painted minis of the New year: A Target Games resin Graveyard set.

      Now that Iook at it, I missed painting the earth on one of the graves.  And some moss (lichen I guess for the cold lands)
      Next up is my pool/well.  This is actually an ash tray that Awesome Wife and I picked up from an open air market in London on our honeymoon in '98.  We don't smoke but it looked cool.

      Next up is a WIP of a ruined two story house.  I think the next ones I make will not be as wide.  Materials are foamcore board ($1) and craft (popsicle sticks, also $1).  I've got plenty of both left.  Front:

      And back:

      Future plans will include a storage box tower and some sort of stepped platform built out of insulation board.
      FYI the foamboard cuts were done with a hot knife.  Very handy and relatively cheap.  Mine was $15 at AC Moore but after coupons and discounts it ended up being 7 bucks.
    • By buglips*the*goblin
      Ladies and Gentlemonsters!  The time is nigh!  Repent thy... wait, no, that's next week.
      This week it's time for Buglips is Crazy Part III - Dragons Don't Share 2 in SEVEN DAYS!
      So far I'm 50/50.  I have Kaladrax in Seven Days (completed):
      And Cthulhu in TWO days because I got cocky, and he kicked my butt:
      This challenge is sponsored by ReaperBryan, who picked the model, and the number of days I have.  Should I die in this attempt, pass this along to my clan so they may seek to avenge me.
      The rules are:
      1.  I can use nothing bigger than a size 0 brush (no airbrushes, big brushes, nothing)
      2.  I have 7 full days to complete the model to an attractive level of quality (i.e., it's gotta look decent as well as be done quick)
      So when does this challenge start?  IT ALREADY HAS!  I just type super slow.  It started at 11:30 am local - which 9:00 am Reaper time...

      And the state of the model:

      And I'll be back in a bit with some progress pictures.
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