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CAV color schemes

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22 hours ago, TaleSpinner said:


Harpy. It was one of the old models with scale issues that I believe were discontinued with CAV:SO.

Well, doing a quick search turned up no Harpies in metal available. Time to do the deep dive search!


Or wait to CAVBOSS gets it out in Bones! :B):

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22 hours ago, klarg1 said:


Durnit. Had I known, I would have said 'hi'. I'm a fan of your work.


maybe next time.


Thanks!!  For sure though.  The boards were a little dead before hand; I should have advertised a bit more!  Mastergunz came out from Cali and several others were there as well!  I only showed up on Friday and Saturday as between work, distance for me to drive each day (hour plus) and have little kids and a wife who would prefer I stayed home on Sunday, it just wasn't in the cards to be there the whole time!

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    • By jsalyers
      Re-purposing this post to give SS updates.
      Has PM'd Info
      Wip Photo Posted  (Due 12/1/2017)
      Model Delivered
      @Dilvish the Deliverer
      @Savage Coyote
      Remember we're doing this to have fun and make friends. Chat, share tips, tease us with WIP photos or text - but don't give away who you're painting for.
      CAVa Claus is watching... :)
      ############### ORIGINAL POST BELOW ########################
      I come to the Reaper Forums from the Privateer Press forums. In my time there I got involved with a Secret Santa (SS) exchange where a group of people got together and agreed to paint and gift a model for a randomly selected member of the SS exchange.
      In an effort to generate more community activity on the CAV forums I'm curious if there is any interest in a CAV-centric gift exchange? I haven't put together my thoughts on how to organize it yet but thought I'd see if their was enough interest to make it work.
      I like CAV, I like the Reaper forums but the CAV sub-forums seem very, very quiet.
      I'd honestly like to get to know more of you and what better way than to paint a mini for my CAV neighbor in the spirit of the season.
    • By Pegazus
      So, signed up for the CAV Secret Santa exchange over in the CAV subforums, and needed to put up WIP pictures etc. But why do pictures when you can do video, eh?!
      If you're in on the CAV Secret Santa, you can click the spoilers below to see the pictures and video as well, but you'll, uh, be spoiling it for you if you're the one on my list.
      And you could be. But maybe you aren't.

    • By Dalth
      Started working on a Terran Thunderbird, and I don't have pictures yet.  But it's really not much more then primed at this point.
      I'm going to do a woodlands camo pattern I think, so I based the whole thing with a sandy tan color and did the dark lining on it.  A friend of mine that Talespinner knows as "my pretend friend Rick" suggested that I start with the lightest color which makes sense.  I used the brown liner to do the dark lining.
      Question is what to do next, should I paint most of it green and leave parts tan, and then paint the brown parts, and then finally black?  Or would it be better to paint parts green, and parts brown and parts black? 
      Also is there anything I should do before I start the camo pattern? 
    • By Guyscanwefocusplease
      Hi all,
      It has been a really busy year for me, between moving across the country, starting a new job, finding a place to live, getting married, major surgery for the missus, and evacuating/rebuilding after a major hurricane.  Unfortunately, this has left little time for painting- and it’s been driving me nuts!
      After the wedding a few weeks back, we finally had some time to take a step back and breathe.  The wife poked me and said “why don’t you start painting again?”
      The first thing I picked up was this squad of half-finished Ritterlich Republic cougars I had been working on last winter before the move.  They had been painted and inked, but not assembled, highlighted or jeweled.
      I’ve been working on them a few hours at a time over the past few weeks, and finally had a big chunk of the day yesterday where I could sit down and power through them… here they are!  I still need to do the bases, but I couldn’t do that last night as the glue was still drying.  They will also get a matte varnish coat, but I'd like to get your C&C on a few things before then.
      As I have mentioned before, this is from the CAV kickstarter; one of the things I wanted to do with the kickstarter CAVs was to explore a different painting technique for each army.  For the Ritter, this was edging. 
      As time went on, I started to become a bit fatigued at the sheer amount of edging required.  This caused me to slowly rotate from display quality (for me at least) to more tabletop quality. But hey, a painted mini is always better than an unpainted one, and easing up a bit on the quality allowed me to finish them quickly.
      I am also trying to incorporate more blending in the canopies, as well as some OSL effects.  As you can see, I am still practicing.  I expect I will get better with time (at least I hope I do)!
      As always, C & C are very welcome.  I am trying to get better and I can’t do that without critique.  Any comments about how to improve the jeweling or OSL in particular would be most appreciated. 
      If anyone wants the paints or techniques used, I can provide that information too.

    • By jsalyers
      Some thoughts on The CavCon tournament.
      The Good:
      The tournament was well organized. The terrain looked great. Jon and Tim were available to answer questions and explain the reasons behind various decisions at any time.
      I've never had more one on one time to interact with a game developer ever. Jon went out of his way to walk me though several parts of the game that I didn't understand and he was open to feedback to improve the game for me (and hopefully others).
      The veteran players Todd Farnholtz, Ross Hines, and Brandon Baker were friendly, open, and available to explain both the rules and their thoughts about the 'meta'.
      Todd and Ross are also fabulous painters with lots of experience in the niche of painting giant robots to look like giant robots. They shared tips and feedback with me which I appreciate a lot,
      The Bad:
      The tournament terrain looked awesome but it's nature and layout limited the kinds of forces that were viable in the tournament.
      The tallest piece of cover on the boards I saw was a level 3 hill. That is it in the background of the photo where my figures 
      - in red and grey - are learning the meaning of the phrase 'shock check'. :)
      The deployment zone of my opponent (Ross Hines) had an elevation 2 hill just outside of it. All Ross had to do was walk forward for one activation and then his CAVs - in blue and black - were at elevation 4 which lets him see over the highest elevation terrain on the board. On his first turn he could fire Guided Missiles 6" deployment + 7" Move + 64" Extreme range = 77". The playing area is only 72" long.
      [Edited to correct the Silverback's movement from 5" to 7"]
      I literally had no where to hide from his fire.
      Additionally, being at elevation 4 allowed him to see over the intervening 'woods' which are only elevation 3. I could only gain the benefit of cover by hugging against it within one inch. The trees did serve to slow down my forward progress as I had to either go around them or spend extra movement to go through them.
      I've only played about a dozen games of CAV so I may be missing an aspect of the terrain rules or some strategy that mitigates the lack of LOS blocking terrain.
      The Excellent:
      The people. The models. The game.
      No better example of good people than Jeff my second round opponent. He is a veteran CAV player who helped me through the rules I was unfamiliar with and shared numerous stories about the history of the game.
      The new Firedrake model is beautiful. I love it's angular lines and the compactness of it's rocket launchers - I bought 6 of them. :)
      The game plays fast once you get several games under your belt. The rules flow logically and I found by the end of the tournament I rarely had to ask how something worked.
      Perhaps the last and best compliment that I can give is that I'm already planning my next force. I have the paint scheme in mind and plan to experiment with heavily weathered CAVs.
      I hope to meet and play CAV with all of you at the tournament next year.

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