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CAV color schemes

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22 hours ago, TaleSpinner said:


Harpy. It was one of the old models with scale issues that I believe were discontinued with CAV:SO.

Well, doing a quick search turned up no Harpies in metal available. Time to do the deep dive search!


Or wait to CAVBOSS gets it out in Bones! :B):

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22 hours ago, klarg1 said:


Durnit. Had I known, I would have said 'hi'. I'm a fan of your work.


maybe next time.


Thanks!!  For sure though.  The boards were a little dead before hand; I should have advertised a bit more!  Mastergunz came out from Cali and several others were there as well!  I only showed up on Friday and Saturday as between work, distance for me to drive each day (hour plus) and have little kids and a wife who would prefer I stayed home on Sunday, it just wasn't in the cards to be there the whole time!

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