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And some random stuff:


Assembled and finished to Panzer IVH for my 15mm Fallschirmjäger project. Need to attach some equipment and then prime and paint them.









28mm WWII:


Started work on a German machine gun. Crew can be attached and detached.








Our tree woman as gotten far. I magnetized her heads so I can choose the one that fits better in a certain situation. Now I am looking for a fitting base size.


Be advised: Tree Boobs. You've got wood!











And something quite exotic. I was asked to assemble and paint a modern German warship. Sure. I can test my skills and especially my airbrush with that.












Some Infinity Minis - just for fun and for roleplaying games:






Magnetized the computer for attaching and detaching it. Liked the effect. No idea if it will be of use.






Some Statuesque Robot Kill ... errr ... maids? I have no idea. Liked them. Decided I wanted to have them.








Bombshell miniatures Sci Fi special agent:








Wargame Exclusive Repentia and commissar:






Rest will follow soon.

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And the nuns:








10 nuns total. One of them lost the handle of her mallet okay. I need to fix that later ...








Some command units and "special characters"










Some gun kata ladies:






One of the bases isn't finished yet, but the figure is ... haha.






And a ... Fantasy Repentia unit.












Close quarters and shootouts on short to medium range can be handled. For heavy support as well as air cavalry, I still got some more figures to finish ... see ya next time.

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And some more stuff:


finished some more nuns. Need to use white for the highlights before putting them away.




Working on this group currently:






Attached another head to the leader of my airborne detachment. Got it from a friends project. Hihi.




Still some stuff to do, but then they will be finished ... sooner or later ... hihi!

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Due to some workload at ... work, I won't be there for at least one to two weeks. But I took some stuff with me.


Some 15mm WWII stuff. Panzergrenadiers and equipment for Flames of War. Those guys will be made into a Winter army. That means some sculpting - but that is okay. I love it.









Plan is to have them all ready by the end of August. Let's see if I can make it.


Talk to you when they are done.

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Finished the build of some vehicles: The STUG and the SDKFZ 251 were already painted - and I have got my problems trying to strip resin, I will leave them as they are:




All the other vehicles have been more or less assembled. Looks good so far.






Currently the figures get their winter clothes:

















Which means: This project gets its own thread!


Check out ->here<-

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And some more stuff ready to paint:


I finished three leaders for my space nun army:










A female Chinese warrior, created by Bombshell








And some Tanks for Bolt Action:










And last but not least: An ALEPH battlegroup for Infinity:








Just to mention before someone else does:


1st: Yes. Atalantas gun is broken. Dang. I hate it! I've gotta glue it when I am home. Maybe if I am totally bold, I will cut away the barrell and drill one myself. We will see.

2nd: And no - NO! - the Dakini in the center is not in the mood to do "STOP! TACBOT TIME!". He just fell off the base. Didn't glue it properly ...


Maybe someone remembers THIS thread ->here<- where I was given@ some ideas for creating a robot is staring on dead robot themed mini diorama, especially helpful were advices given by @Clearman  and @Mad Jack.


So I thought about this for quite a while, threw it overboard and dragged it back into my mind - and after literally weeks of thinking and searching I had found the perfectly fitting robot for this!


Now I am working on the base. Currently it looks like this:








Let's hope this will work out. We will see. I am looking forward to putting everything together.


But that's it for now! I think this is enough progress for one weekend ...


So long!

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Good progress!


The Robot vignette is an interesting idea!

Love to see how it works out!

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Sooo ... what's on the table currently?

First, we have got a new nun ready to be painted. And boy, she was a pain to get ready. Her arms were so out of place that I had to cut away so pieces of her body to make them fit, and when I glued everything together her leg broke. But it just didn't break as it should. No it broke in a way that it was ungluable and unpinable. So I had to cut away some pieces of her leg, pin the miniatue and then recreate her leg using putty and greenstuff. I think I did a pretty good job in that regard.

I guess it is some bad luck that I later miscalculated the colour and instead of giving her a light highlighting, I just painted her white with my airbrush. How unfortunate.








Next on the table are two Reaper figurines, 50228: Whitney, Anime Heroine and 77281: Succubus








And a number of Malifaux ladies, which will be miniatures for Frostgrave and RPGs later on.




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12 hours ago, SisterMaryNapalm said:

That's a German f122 class frigate. The Netherlands also have a similar class.


Yamato-Kai looks a bit different 



Ships are not my expertise.

I will recognize many air craft and tanks and historical uniforms though.


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    • By Jasper_the_2nd
      Last year @Pochi painted me a barbarian as an exchange fig. (located here: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/80953-spring-exchange-brand-oathblood/&amp;tab=comments#comment-1717270).
      More specifically she painted me a barbarian inspired by the song Holy Diver by Dio (I tend to put odd things for inspiration in me exchange forms).
      I liked him so much that I based my current 5th Ed. character off of the fig.  Now Pochi's fig is far too precious (my precious!!) to go on the gaming table, so I've been using a bare Bones version with the intent of painting him "any day now".
      Now that we've hit 7th level, I'm actually getting around to paint something.  But, since I need him for the weekly game, I'm painting an alternate version first, then I'll swap figs and work on the Brand Oathblood version.
      So I'm starting with 77373: Cuth Wolfson, Barbarian.

      This will depict Dio wielding his mighty great axe, Eloise.
      Now Cuth's default axe was a touch....limp, so I dug out the Bones III weapons pack and picked a nice stiff replacement.

      Much better.  Now just a little putty to fill in the gap and he'll be ready for his bath before linering.
    • By SisterMaryNapalm
      I hope it's acceptable I post this here.
      All of us are double-crossed from time to time. Life is mean. Life is hard.
      In my case, it was later. To be precise: Late enough so I couldn’t do anything against it anymore.
      I have been a fan of the Kingdom Death minis ever since I knew they existed. I love the anime design and the anime poses and … errr … kyonyuu.
      Anyway: Some time ago I came to know that I could buy single figures instead of the whole bunch and a friend, who owns REAL Kingdom Death minis – and I mean the old resin ones, not the new hard plastic stuff – recommended me to buy some to see if I would get along with the tiny and breakable resin bits. So I said yes. Did it. Went to EBay and checked. Hell, were they expensive.
      I was so disappointed and stopped looking, but a few days later I got some miniatures recommended and went back to EBay finding Kingdom Death Minis for a reasonably low price. The seller had mainly perfect reviews and just a few mentioned “recast” and said, that there is nothing special about it. So I thought: Ah, those have to be the recasts my friend spoke of. Yeah. But the recast he meant was a new batch of KDM figures – not piracy ones. I have to admit: I didn’t check it. I bought five figures. 25 Euros, no shipping costs and when they arrived, the first impression was great. I was impressed … until I tried to assemble the first one and her parts crumbled underneath my fingers.
      I went to my friend and showed him the figures. He told me the whole thing and I was pissed. Especially because conducting a reverse transaction in such a case in Germany can be … weird some times. Not enough damage done … can’t do anything … on your own … much more money and time lost … I had that before. So I took it as “lessons learned” and put those figures away, buying the hard plastic ones from KDM Website instead … But that’s another story.
      A few days ago I was at hangout with the lovely, wonderful and talented @Cyradis (of course not as lovely, wonderful and talented as I am, but still a great person) and she suggested something to me I had lost over the pressure of the last few years of trying to get back into painting: Do something I like and enjoy. Maybe something that doesn’t mean much to me but is perfect for getting back into painting and all that stuff. (Something I try since two years and normally always get the same, NOT HELPFUL reactions of either practice more or take a break ... ).
      And when I went to my new apartment and unpacked all the miniatures there, I finally found those few figures. They were cheap, they wouldn’t be much of a loss if something went wrong, but most of them were damaged or unfished.
      So I thought: Why not make something out of them … creat something new. That moment it struck me: I had been a fan of the NieR franchise and last year in Japan I bought some of the Artworks of NieR: Automata. So I went through those and checked on the internet, deciding, I would make some RPG miniatures out of them … YorHa style.

      Well then … Let’s start!
    • By sorcerersapprentice
      Squareware has now launched on Kickstarter. I'm seeking funding to prototype and mass manufacture a very special dice kit I have developed that combines the best features of a Box, Bag, Mats and Dice to give you millions of instant creative solutions during or while building your RPG - and - help the DM eliminate creative, mental and physical fatigue; minimize the need for manuals; free up space behind the DM screen; allow you to craft entire quest concepts in seconds; and make it easy on your shoulders, bag or pocket to carry. #dice #rpg #dnd #tabletop #gaming   https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/gametilewarehouse/squareware-rpg-dice-tools-for-sparking-the-creativ
    • By SisterMaryNapalm
      As my first airbrush attempt on the Roman centurio was halted by the fact that the figure is so small, I decided to use a different figure, which would be ... bigger.
      So in Japan I got me a number of garage kits. One of them was a figure of a nun or mage (I don't know the figure, so I have no idea) and as it was some kind of a miscast or so, I got it for the cheap price of around 6 Euro.
      She's big enough to do some airbrush work. And as I want to train airbrushing, I don't want to ruin my first attempt by choosing wrong colours or too difficult painting concepts.

      NO! I really mean it! Gimme some colours, people.
      Oh, yeah - That's the figure:




    • By Crowley
      In the Storm King's Thunder campaign I'm playing in we've had 2 encounters with an ancient blue dragon named Iymrith. I don't have a painted blue dragon... And my very pregnant DM isn't going to get one bought and painted before we need her, so...
      Digging through my minis, I figured Narthrax was as close as I've got. It was going to be blue anyway (or dessert sands brown) so that was my top choice. I also thought about the wizkids dragons, but the FLGS only had the green, and I wasn't all that impressed with the sculpt. I'd rather drop $30 on another Narthrax if I'm gonna paint a brown one in the future.
      Tonight I pulled her out, scrubbed her down, and started working on her base.
      She could probably for on a smaller base, but with her wingspan, and the fact that she's an ancient dragon, I figure she deserves it.

      and the cork will give her some extra height. 
      It helps her look even bigger as compared to Blightfang!

      More to come!
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