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And some random stuff:


Assembled and finished to Panzer IVH for my 15mm Fallschirmjäger project. Need to attach some equipment and then prime and paint them.









28mm WWII:


Started work on a German machine gun. Crew can be attached and detached.








Our tree woman as gotten far. I magnetized her heads so I can choose the one that fits better in a certain situation. Now I am looking for a fitting base size.


Be advised: Tree Boobs. You've got wood!











And something quite exotic. I was asked to assemble and paint a modern German warship. Sure. I can test my skills and especially my airbrush with that.












Some Infinity Minis - just for fun and for roleplaying games:






Magnetized the computer for attaching and detaching it. Liked the effect. No idea if it will be of use.






Some Statuesque Robot Kill ... errr ... maids? I have no idea. Liked them. Decided I wanted to have them.








Bombshell miniatures Sci Fi special agent:








Wargame Exclusive Repentia and commissar:






Rest will follow soon.

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And the nuns:








10 nuns total. One of them lost the handle of her mallet okay. I need to fix that later ...








Some command units and "special characters"










Some gun kata ladies:






One of the bases isn't finished yet, but the figure is ... haha.






And a ... Fantasy Repentia unit.












Close quarters and shootouts on short to medium range can be handled. For heavy support as well as air cavalry, I still got some more figures to finish ... see ya next time.

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And some more stuff:


finished some more nuns. Need to use white for the highlights before putting them away.




Working on this group currently:






Attached another head to the leader of my airborne detachment. Got it from a friends project. Hihi.




Still some stuff to do, but then they will be finished ... sooner or later ... hihi!

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Due to some workload at ... work, I won't be there for at least one to two weeks. But I took some stuff with me.


Some 15mm WWII stuff. Panzergrenadiers and equipment for Flames of War. Those guys will be made into a Winter army. That means some sculpting - but that is okay. I love it.









Plan is to have them all ready by the end of August. Let's see if I can make it.


Talk to you when they are done.

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Finished the build of some vehicles: The STUG and the SDKFZ 251 were already painted - and I have got my problems trying to strip resin, I will leave them as they are:




All the other vehicles have been more or less assembled. Looks good so far.






Currently the figures get their winter clothes:

















Which means: This project gets its own thread!


Check out ->here<-

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And some more stuff ready to paint:


I finished three leaders for my space nun army:










A female Chinese warrior, created by Bombshell








And some Tanks for Bolt Action:










And last but not least: An ALEPH battlegroup for Infinity:








Just to mention before someone else does:


1st: Yes. Atalantas gun is broken. Dang. I hate it! I've gotta glue it when I am home. Maybe if I am totally bold, I will cut away the barrell and drill one myself. We will see.

2nd: And no - NO! - the Dakini in the center is not in the mood to do "STOP! TACBOT TIME!". He just fell off the base. Didn't glue it properly ...


Maybe someone remembers THIS thread ->here<- where I was given@ some ideas for creating a robot is staring on dead robot themed mini diorama, especially helpful were advices given by @Clearman  and @Mad Jack.


So I thought about this for quite a while, threw it overboard and dragged it back into my mind - and after literally weeks of thinking and searching I had found the perfectly fitting robot for this!


Now I am working on the base. Currently it looks like this:








Let's hope this will work out. We will see. I am looking forward to putting everything together.


But that's it for now! I think this is enough progress for one weekend ...


So long!

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Good progress!


The Robot vignette is an interesting idea!

Love to see how it works out!

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Sooo ... what's on the table currently?

First, we have got a new nun ready to be painted. And boy, she was a pain to get ready. Her arms were so out of place that I had to cut away so pieces of her body to make them fit, and when I glued everything together her leg broke. But it just didn't break as it should. No it broke in a way that it was ungluable and unpinable. So I had to cut away some pieces of her leg, pin the miniatue and then recreate her leg using putty and greenstuff. I think I did a pretty good job in that regard.

I guess it is some bad luck that I later miscalculated the colour and instead of giving her a light highlighting, I just painted her white with my airbrush. How unfortunate.








Next on the table are two Reaper figurines, 50228: Whitney, Anime Heroine and 77281: Succubus








And a number of Malifaux ladies, which will be miniatures for Frostgrave and RPGs later on.




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    • By Jasper_the_2nd
      I've never been much of a fan of GW.  I mean the first fig I ever painted was GW, but that's because my friend (who was also the store owner) gave it to me for free (Come on, try it, the first one's free....).
      And I played some Bloodbowl back in the day (should really finish my Chaos Dwarf team one of these days...only been a decade or two).
      But I never really got into anything GW was making. Style wasn't what I was looking for, or the price point, or whatever.
      So then last week I was in Montreal for the GP (great time, too bad the race itself was soooooo boring). Was visiting a friend who lives up there and we wandered into the rather impressive GW store in the Eaton Centre.  Took a look around and caught sight of this:

      Apparently a new edition of Age of Sigmar is coming out this week, and these guys are a faction.  Or whatever the different groups are called.
      I thought, "Those are pretty cool!  Flying stuff.  Steampunky.  I like."
      Then we left.  And I went and marshaled for 3 days (the support races were better, btw).
      Then we met back up on Monday.  And I was still thinking about the cool steampunky flying ships.  So we went back and I picked up the starter. (they have 2 bigger flying ships too, but ouch, not cheap).
      So, this is what they look like when you open the box:

      Oye! Lots of bits.  Looks like everything has options (they have a very detailed assembly guide, quite impressive).  Options that presumably follow rules.  Rules I'm not sure I'll ever read, let alone play. 
      But I may check with the local store; I think they had some folks playing something GW.
      So that's all I've done with them so far, but figured I'd post and get the WIP started. These may take a bit to get going.
    • By Dom
      Hi Guys,
      I have read the guidelines of posting kickstarters and hope I am doing this correctly.
      If anyone has a chance come along and check out my kickstarter project specialising in hardwood dice boxes.
      If you have any thoughts or future stretch goal ideas then please I would love to hear them.
    • By SisterMaryNapalm
      Salvete, Amici!
      Phew ... some time since I wrote that last time ... haha!
      Well then: Time to feel the might of the Roman Legion, the breast best army of ancient Europe!
      I planned to be abscent from painting for some time more, but it happened that I got a more or less good reason to start again. A friend of mine who I have known for quite some time now - he is one of the master minds behind some of the Gallia to Arms builds - I decided to make a little present for him.
      Anyway ... this guy is a great fan of the Roman legion and he even has an 28mm Roman army. He is creating his army a bit in the style of an Asterix Roman army, having bought some of the characters and using them in his force.
      But he still misses a force commander - and that is where I come into play. On the last Tactica wargaming event, I got a female Roman centurion from the Hot&Dangerous brand and I immediately thought what a great force commander she would make. Alea iacta est!
      I don't know what would be a better fit - his birthday or christmas - but I can decide that when I am as far as I want to be.
      But I will not only give the figure to him. Nah - I think this is a great opportunity for me to get back into painting. So I used my social skills to ask about some of his concepts and I think now I have got a good idea of what I have to do.
      And now it is time to MAKE A GREAT PRESENT AGAIN!

      Those are all the parts I have got. The lady can either use a mirror or her helmet to check her hair. Really now? I mean ... use one or the other? Nah. Not with me. She will use the mirror, but I will put the helmet in front of her and cut away her arm, so that all parts are on the base.
      And now for some basing!
    • By Crowley
      In Bones 2, Reaper had several large sea monster creatures, one of which, the Goroloth (Reaper’s answer to the Aboleth), came in the Expansion 2 set. This was one of the figures I was least interested in, and figured that if I ever got around to painting it, it would be because I was trying to finish up the set. Primordial evil fish monsters just aren’t my thing.
      Of course then my DM decided to introduce one into her game… so… Now I’m painting an aboleth.

      My inspiration from the 2e Monster Manual.

      After digging it out of my boxes of Bones minis, I did my usual washing in hot soapy water and scrubbing with a toothbrush. Mold lines were minimal, and ignored, but I did notice that the plastic on this guy was much softer than I’m used to. Reminded me a lot of Kaladrax’s head.
      Along with assembling, I went to the 5e Monster Manual to check on the size of an Aboleth. Large, aka a 2” base. Far too tiny for this mini, so I upped it to a 3” base. I glued the flying stand to the bigger base, and then covered it with blocks of cork attached with hot glue. I was picturing an underwater ruined palace. Sadly I don’t have a good statue that I could have ruined on the base.

      Once the mini was all assembled, I primed it with Blue Liner, and then blocked out the colors with Deep Ocean Blue, Oceanic Blue, and Marine Teal.


      The bony bits were painted with bone, as were the stripes on the tentacles, while the gills and suckers on the tentacles were painted with Monster Maw. The many eyes were painted with Heraldic Red. I then gave just about everything a wash with GW’s Leviathan Purple. It seemed appropriate.


      Returning to the base I primed it with black craft paint, and then dry brushed it with Mountain Stone, with more and more linen white added to it. I then applied dots of Jade Green to look like sea moss growing on it.


      I still need to bring the highlights back up, but this is where he's at now:


      Gonna call that ready for game! 
    • By Cyradis
      I used this figure for CMPA's Adventurer Challenge, and practicing chilling out on a figure instead of going detail crazy. Naturally that meant I had to try something new on it anyway. 
      New: I put a lot of effort into her hair, and actually used it as practice for the hair on my ranger to get better hair methodology down.
      New: I also took a stab at NMM on armor, with mixed success. Not 100% happy, but it didn't get as much effort as the hair, and I wasn't going for perfection on that part. Same with the sword, not 100% happy, but decided to be satisfied until I try another figure.
      Because I couldn't resist: I decided the boots were bland, so I freehanded gladiola flowers onto her boot. Then her bra and her dagger needed flowers too. Her name is now Gladys, because she likes said flowers. 
      The minimal effort: Skin tones. I went for a pretty basic set, didn't go crazy on this part, but for a "good enough". 

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