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Uploading to my computer

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2 hours ago, Cranky Dog said:

Strange. On Windows 7, doesn't yours have a window automatically pop up giving you the option of importing, opening a folder, do nothing, etc. when you plug in a camera/media device?


Though if you're like me, you may have clicked a "Do nothing" and checked the "Do this from now on" option.


No automatic window on my P.C..

I liked Picasa because it did everything for me. Now I have to open a new folder & do a cut & paste from my camera/hard drive.

Actually I find it a liberating experience. Of course, I am a rather strange Old Man.

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FWIW I have been using apps to transfer video and photo files from my android phone and iOS tablet to my PC via wifi over my home network.  The app gives you a URL to go to using your browser, which is where the device's folders and files show up to be navigated through and selected for download.


I know this does not help with people using 'real' cameras like the OP (I'd suggest getting a USB card reader assuming the camera uses the typical removable memory cards), but some reading here may be checking this thread because they're having the same problems I did with transferring files before I found those apps... 


The android app I use is called "Wifi File Transfer" (don't have my iPad here today to check the iOS app name, but it is similar), or there are many other similar ones to choose from that would probably work just as well.



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