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Oh hey, random thread is pinned? That makes it so much easier to find. Or was this always an option and I never noticed?

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1 minute ago, Guindyloo said:

I’m going back to painting now. ::P:

Me, too.


Well, I'm gonna start, but same thing.

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1 minute ago, pcktlnt said:

Oh hey, random thread is pinned? That makes it so much easier to find. Or was this always an option and I never noticed?


Oh, guess I accidentally tapped that when I was unhiding it and stuff. 


...I'll leave it there until someone notices and changes it. :ph34r:



--OneBoot :D

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    • By Cyradis
      ^^ So that's the link to the WIP thread for this guy.
      He did not turn out to be a fastish paint job. He turned into my experiment.
      I put more work into highlighting the hair than I usually do. I got his bald dome more shiny than I have for past skin tones. I've done bits of freehand before, but this is the first fabric pattern freehand I've done (turned out a bit thicker than I would have preferred, but I still like it). 
      First NMM for me ever. I may have been better off with a classic sword or straight line sort of thing, but ehh... this turned out okay for a first shot, I think. The axes took 3-4 hours 
      And for good measure, I scuffed up his boots in the "sand", and put a shadow of him on the sand. 
      I got my nice camera rolling, but not I am re-learning it. Got a diffused ring LED attached to it for lighting. Just a piece of gray-blue construction paper in the background. 
      Comments, critiques, shrieks of "what in the heck is this junk?!" all welcome! 

    • By Jasper_the_2nd
      tl;dr:  I'm painting bunnies!! (and other critters)
      I'm finally wrapping up my painting projects left over from December, so I guess it is time to finally decide on some things to paint in 2017.
      One of my goals for this year is to actually play some of the games I've bought figs for.
      So far finding time to get a minis game going with the gaming group has been rather slow...been passing around the Frostgrave book since the fall, everyone seems interested, but haven't moved beyond that yet.
      So, moving on to my other potential person to play against, my wife. While she like playing games, so far she hasn't found time to read the quick start rules for CAV:SO I put on her phone last summer, and her Rach army remains unpainted.
      So perhaps something...cute and furry....
      Burrows and Badgers seems like a perfect fit, and I've been dying to start painting them.  I've been slowly reading through the rules (the only time I ever seem to find time to read these days is when I go to bed, but then reading rules makes me sleepy...(no Michael, it's not your writing, I have partially read CAV:SO, Counterblast, MERCS and Timewatch sitting beside the bed too  )).
      And the other night I showed her pics of all the figs from the first two kickstarters. And she seemed interested.But now the problem is she wants all my Bunnies....
      Also, all the figs are 1 piece, so we can play even before all the figs are painted (I know they won't roll as well, but it will help with learning the rules).
      And I get to paint all the awesome terrain Jo has made for B&B (and I may pull some out of the other Oathsworn boxes too).
      And as a bonus, if/when we get to playing Frostgrave, I'm making a warband out of B&B figs.
      So, I will dig out the figs and get a picture over the next few days, then get some figures prepped for painting.
      Now where to start??   Maybe rats.....I don't want to do the bunnies until I get a few under my belt...
    • By Arc 724
      Hakon, Iconic Skald: 60182
      Sculpted by Bobby Jackson
      This was a commission piece and one of the fastest I've ever done. Hope you guys like it.


      Here is the WIP for this piece
    • By Arc 724
      60182: Hakon, Iconic Skald
      Sculpted by Bobby Jackson
      This is another commission piece for me. The character in the Patherfinder game we are play is a Ranger who throws axes. He liked this figure so much he bought it on the spot! Said he wanted it to have a kind of coloration at Boba Fett. So I'm working from that, kind of.
      Edit: I sculpted the base my self. It's just a simple brick pattern.
    • By 72moonglum
      Hi again,
      still working on more Ral Partha dwarves, and here are my last two additions, two dwarves with axes, but one kind of a barbarian feel, decked out in furs and a bit of scale mail, and the other one more of a rank and file dwarf, kind of skinny and in a coat of chainmail.  I'm enjoying painting these dwarves actually, as it keeps torturing me with different armors and keeps me working on the NMM.
      The barbarian dwarf was kind of interesting in that I could get the white of his eyes on the left eye in, but couldn't reach it for a pupil, as he's got these big, shaggy eyebrows.  Made it a bit challenging, but I don't think it's very noticeable, especially at these angles and the other eye was very easy to do and reach.

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