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77209 Arran Rabin, mostly monochrome

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Beautiful! I love the look on his face, you can almost hear him muttering “Damned slugs!”

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@Guindyloo: "Damned slugs!" indeed.

@NecroMancer: Yes, using a mostly monochrome scheme is an easy way to make OSL pop.  Shhh!   :;):

@Loim: Sorry you had to miss ReaperCon this year.  Good to see your post here, though.



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      I saw a tweet in Japanese which says soaking Bones in benzine for about 2 days (more precisely, 44 hours, he says) removed plasticizer and bones are hardened. Did somebody tried this before? Any successful experience? Or experienced some problem? 
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      Beard did not come out very good on Camera.  Otherwise I think he turned out pretty good.

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      Not sure of the name on this one but he turned out pretty good.  I did the eyes on this one but because of the hood the camera I was using could pick it up and the flash washed everything out.

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      I really like how this one turned out.  I wasn't too stoked on it at first but he really grew on me once I got some paint on him.

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      Wish I had the metal version of this one I think.  When you look at all the detail that was lost in the bones model...ugh he is a smooshie duckling.  Good enough for an NPC though.  
      Also sorry about the camera picks being a bit out of focus.  Did them with my phone and I see now that the manual settings I was using were a little off.  I was using autofocus but I don't think the camera in my motorola is any better than the camera on my old Samsung Note 3.  In some ways I think its inferior.

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